THE BOTS “Northern Lights” (2011)


SPIN Magazine: “Best Newcomers” ROLLINGSTONE Magazine: “One of [Vans Warped Tour 2011] coolest, most unexpected sets was delivered by the Bots— two brother…

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22 Responses to THE BOTS “Northern Lights” (2011)

  1. Nikola Oric says:

    TERRANEO 2013!

  2. Modosco says:

    greenfield 2013!

  3. mukkenmit rehlein says:

    rock im park 2013

  4. Bikash Rana says:

    Damn! Didn sound like two lil kids when i heard the song..totally surprised me!! Awesome!!!

  5. Clark Tierney says:


  6. jhj061 says:

    Did you guys ever listen to Jeff the Brotherhood? Could have been some inspiration for the Bots?

  7. korvuskoraxx says:

    Ooooouuuuh yeeeaaaaah….. awesome!!!!!

  8. Dripcock Murphys says:

    Rock Werchter 2013!!

  9. vrtska says:

    bad brains meets bodycount

  10. Petr Stiblík says:


  11. Matej Fedorišin says:

    tešíme sa na Pohode

  12. Edvin Tønder says:

    However, I wouldn’t call getting a bassist “mission impossible”

  13. MrHagra says:

    I’m missin’ one fuck’n good post to miss you who always miss’s something! Well, I miss that all you who miss go to the forums and posts of misfortunes, where nothing missis,though its a fuck’n mission imposible…

  14. bigninja27 says:

    Why are they not more popular? Seriously?

  15. 00MiaJoe00 says:

    Omg they’re babies!! Good though, 2 man bands are awesome

  16. Edvin Tønder says:

    Aww :)

  17. Statschef says:

    I’m missing your mom.

  18. Edvin Tønder says:

    I’m really missing a bass here, otherwise good

  19. sticksnstuffs1fan says:

    lol i thought it was pretty cool

  20. Edvin Tønder says:

    Haha, and?

  21. TheZeleni03 says:

    if thous were my children i be fucking proud of them

  22. Simon F. Christensen says:


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