the Buck Starts here – virtual roadtrip for Entrepreneurs mastering Money

the Buck Starts here – virtual roadtrip for Entrepreneurs mastering Money
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**update – We are currently in our 2nd week of this program, and there is plenty of time for you to catch up. The first two mentors floored people. This is well worth considering if you are an entrepreneur or 'independent spirit' and you want to earn more money, or be more sustainable. If you have any questions, just ask me personally. I'm at  ~Alex Baisley**
WHAT: the Buck Starts Here – a 3 month virtual roadtrip with 12+ mentors to help independent folks and conscious entrepreneurs with a big dream, master 'the money thing'. **free one hour recording of our opening call here**

Cost: 7 per month. Pay-as-you-go. The intention of this adventure is to make a high-level money-healing environment and help from astonishing mentors accessible to 'the rest of us' 😉 Damn, it can be so frustrating to need some help with 'the money thing' and not be able to afford the very help we need. Arghh. Hence, the Buck Starts Here is crazy accessible.
Where: in your fave comfy chair with a tasty beverage – it's by teleseminar and our own private Facebook group – the Buck Starts Here CoffeeShop 🙂

'…thinking Alex should maybe put a big WARNING label on the sign-up page! Something like, do NOT attend if you want to stay the same!' L. Hutton, Victoria BC (and everyplace else)

Have you ever been sitting there, staring at your computer, worrying about money? Maybe feeling a bit sick about it? Maybe now? Maybe, drat it, for years…?
Thing 1 that I think for you:Struggling with money just kills so much beauty. It's not at all funny. It robs peace, health. It keeps entrepreneurs from being 'alive' and present with their families. It squashes self-confidence, keeps us hesitant and holding back from being bold with our ideas. It can, most tragically, even keep us from seeing the greatness we have already accomplished… the lives we have touched. We barely have time to stop and celebrate that… because another bill has just come in. For eff's sake, eh?! We can end up running, scrambling, reacting. Money struggle, quite frankly, squeezes so much of the fun, expansiveness, contribution and ease out of the journey and opportunity of being a self-guided person, and can at times – completely ruin it. It is like a person taking the trip of a lifetime, seeing the most incredible people and places, and all the while always late for a flight, dragging cumbershome baggage, and fearing that our credit card won't go through when we get to the hotel. Aaarghhhhhhhhhhhhh. Bleck. Tarnation. Stronger words come to mind as well. 
Thing 2 that I think for you: You are doing what you do (or are about to) for a valuable reason. Aside from your clear desire to make a contribution to the world, make a difference…
You have a hugely important dream. For you. To do your own thing. It is a way of being… inside you. To wake up in the morning and know you can design your day and your month with the most important things in it. Your independent spirit. Feeling the greatness you have inside. You need to earn dough, yes, but having to go to a lame job to get it is completely spiritually depressing. Guh.
Thing 3: Unfortunately, this is the norm. But you. are not. the norm. I can see that. Money struggles can make us feel so. damn. alone – like we're the only ones not figuring this out. Embarassing, like there's something wrong with us. 
Yet… we are not alone. By some estimates, close to 90% of entrepreneurs are in the same boat. It *is* up to us as individuals if we want to sort this thing out in our lives, but it is also not our fault either that it's confusing.
I remember when our children were babies, and something I found fascinating was that… as natural as breastfeeding obviously is, it *is* something that a LOT of moms need some help with. Just because it's a natural thing doesn't mean we come internally equipped to know the ins and outs of it compared to those with experience. Hence the huge importance of La Leche League, and breastfeeding coaches.
So too with the entrepreneur and their money… sharing our gifts and being sustained by others in return is, I think, extremely natural… BUT… my gosh, as we navigate these waters, let's for heaven's sake not assume that we should know all about it. 
You are NOT alone, at ALL, and most people struggle with it. And, by God, you CAN learn the money thing for you. Why not? You are as capable as anybody at learning something new and finding your own way… that's what got you to this point – as a matter of fact – you're probably extra awesome at that compared to a lot of your friends, I'd wager. You ARE a trailblazer – always have been.
Having money struggles is 'the norm'. You have never been good at being 'the norm'. That's your strength. Having right relationship with really vibrant income is 'different'. It is the most likely reason why you will find yourself there. It likes you. 😉
So… trailblaze the money thing. Do it your own way. Make it happen. And then help others who are THAT. CLOSE. to sharing their amazing creativity and healing with the world. Show em it's possible.
And… we need the equivalent of La Leche league to help us get there…
You doing what you are born to do in this world is really important, not just for you, but for humanity, and the kids growing up now who are looking to us grown-ups as role-models about how THEY make decisions about their value and work in this world… Your work being financially sustainable and supportive is of utmost importance.

I have committed to do something about it.For me, for my clients, for my colleagues. Now. No more waiting. Now. Over the next 3 months beginning Sept. 24th, 2012.
I have been speaking with a jaw-dropping collection of high-end entrepreneurs and mentors, many names you might recognize, who are willing to share their personal stories, their struggles, what they know now about money, what shifted for them – inside and outside. What. Worked. And they are very keen to help.
Amongst them:

  • highly 'resonating' 6-figure entrepreneurs
  • people with *REALLY* refreshing insight and exercises about income that they'd be willing to share – stuff you don't normally hear.
  • healers and coaches who have exceptional understandings and track-records helping folks around money
  • in short – people with credibility, and specialized insights on the whole 'money thing' – from the inside out.

And I am bringing them together as the panel of guest mentors in my Fall Adventure: 
the Buck Starts Here.
Two huge problems you may have encountered with most programs on the subject of income and money for conscious entrepreneurs:

  1. they are often inaccessibly priced for a lot of the folks who most need it.
  2. are generally based on techniques. Technical know-how. This can be hugely important, but is not the crux of it for most of us. We absolutely need to understand ourselves and money more deeply than that.

A blend of practical – yes, and also humanity, authenticity, realness, inner world – even meditation… the whole shebang. This will help us really touch and understand this thing, will re-affirm that we are not alone in this, and that there is, in fact, a way through for us. 
The price?
Is it affordable?   can you do it? That's what I would be thinking anyway… I will give you the head's up here that this is being designed so that you can have full access to this program for less than 0 a month. You can pay by month or bi-weekly if that's easier. No strings. You can stay for the whole thing or not, your choosing… because I know it's hard to make these decisions sometimes.
This means a little under /wk. 
And the point of this is to make it gorgeous, high-level, AND accessible. I am so happy about this. If just one thing clicks for you, it will affect your income and your deep feeling of prosperity.
**important: Here is free access to our first call in the adventure. It is an hour in length, and it hilightes how you can design the next 3 months as an 'environment' in which you can heal money struggle and nurture your own version of prosperity. Whether or not you are interested in participating in this program at this time, if you are entrepreneurial, independent, and struggling a bit with money you may find this call so helpful.  In it I will introduce you to these points:

  1. A small turtle. 
  2. Money Struggle, entrepreneurship, and the greatest reason I know of to 'solve' the money thing…. the kids in this world… see how that resonates with you.
  3. You've fixed many big things in your life, evolved might be a better world, and it's made you the extraordinary person you are now. 
  4. Prosperity – like a flower bulb. You already have it. Now what?
  5. Environment Creation and Insight as the two tools for 'intangible' challenge solving
  6. Money in your life – it's made up of 3 ingredients. No brainers, I admit, but I can honestly say I didn't see it for a looooong time.
  7. The Buck Starts Here program: the focus of each month comes straight out of the 3 ingredients, and a brief introduction about some of the astonishing mentors who are contributing to our time together. 

So let me introduce you to some of our guest mentors so you can see the calibre of the 'mentor contributors' we have in store for us.

Andrea J Lee: the Wealthy Thought Leader herself and author of Money, Meaning and Beyond. Andrea has the most refreshing view of income I have ever come across. And her view can really help you awaken your own. You will love her.

Lissa Boles: has brought together 1200 people from around the world into her live programs and has an ASTOUNDING insight into the life of the entrepreneur. Lissa has perhaps the most giving personality I have ever met. Her insights can help you turn the compassionate giver in you into a rockstar entrepreneur that makes a massive difference.

Howie Jacobson: author of Google Adwords for Dummies has the most game changing thing to share with you about how you see other people, and your clients. It is called The Hero's Journey, and I can't WAIT to give you this. I'm sorry to be sappy here, but when I first heard the hero's journey… I cried. Alas, I did. Howie is an astonishingly compassionate man, quirky, huge integrity, and a genius. And I'm only just getting started.

Erin Bentley and David Jan Jurasek: are the most gorgeous people, and at the cutting edge of your 'internal' relationship with money. They have changed hundreds and hundreds of lives. I know. I keep hearing about it from most everyone I meet in Toronto 😉  Creators of the HIGHLY praised: Heal Your Money Shadow – where your wallet and heart make peace.

Jaime Almond: has become such a great personal friend. We chat most every week, and her work in the past year has changed my life radically.
After 'burning out spectacularly' as she puts it, she dedicated herself to the understanding of survival and thrival for the entrepreneur. To be truthful… I would never begin another project without what she has taught me. It. changed. everything. Read about it here

Beth Martens: 'What if everything in your life is an opportunity to find your voice, grow your well-being, and become fully self-expressed?'
Beth is an astonishing woman. I wanted help in our Buck Starts Here experience to 'embody' the learning that is happening – you know – really get it – the money thing, right down to our toes. When Beth agreed to help us with that, I jumped out of my chair and yelled 'YES'!!! You will love her. Read about her here!

at from your favourite comfy chair, virtual via teleseminar and our own private Facebook ‘CoffeeShop’ 🙂

Guelph, Canada

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