The Business Case for Content Marketing – Facts, Figures & Data [Video]

Is Content Marketing the Foundation of Successful Internet Marketing? The presentation slides are available for download here: This video explores: – What is Content Marketing? – Today’s Content Marketing Landscape – The Powerful Numbers Behind Content Marketing? – The Content Marketing Sales Funnel? Specifically, we looked at the benefits of content marketing, how companies are budgeting for it and using it today, success measurement criteria, blog frequency and customer acquisition, three years of real web data, and the structure of the content marketing sales funnel. Backed with real data, we proved that content marketing is an invaluable business tool and is the foundation of successful Internet marketing. In this presentation we discussed how content marketing affects organic, referral, social media and direct traffic to a website. We also defined the six barriers to content consumption and how to use them to create velocity in a business’s sales funnel; producing more leads, and ultimately, more customers.
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