The Business of (Not) Being Gay in America

The Business of (Not) Being Gay in America
Three years later, at 24, after extreme bouts of repression, a hint or two of misguided rage and a business partner claiming that I'm mentally ill and that I should seek medication, I came running out of the closet. With it, all the symptoms of rage …
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5 issues small-business owners will confront in 2013
NEW YORK – In 2013, small-business owners will contend with many of the same issues that made it hard to run their companies over the last 12 months. They're also heading into the new year with a lot of uncertainty. It's unlikely that negotiations in …
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Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Show Why Business Leadership Is Needed in Politics
It continues to exemplify that politicians can learn a lot from business leaders. One might say that we have already gone over the “political cliff” – as more time has been spent leveraging political positions rather than pursuing what is in the best …
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