The Business of Web Design

Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: March 16, 2010 Length of Class: 85 Minutes Tracks Web Design Prerequisites How to Become an IT Consultant Purpose of Class This class teaches students about selling web design services to their clients Topics Covered Why the Market for Web Design is Good The Sales Pitch Selling Marketing Packages vs. Websites How to Use Professional Graphics and Photographs What Business Owners Want from a Website Web Design Clients Billing for Services Class Notes The sales pitch Real businesses have websites FREE advertising How can it save them money Value added — like videos Packages (Marketing Campaigns) Sell whole packages not simply a single website (Include business cards, flyer’s, coffee mugs) Basic website and email and Google Local analytics setup Use fancy words Website Creation / KISS WordPress and templates are OK Business Owners want functionality NOT art Fake the Funk Outsource logo design services for pictures and graphics Clients They pay up front They need the site tomorrow, but then take 3 weeks to get any information to you You NEED buy-in from the client Have them sign a specific contract, have them sign prototype designs MONEY Bill as a project Be VERY specific in contract c. Basic sites should be 0-00, including extras like business cards and brochures can increase the value to 000 Resources TemplateMonster
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  1. Michael Parry says:

    Those that view this comment, Eli is not just the ‘elithecomputerguy’ but he is also ‘elithebusinessguy’. I spent over one hour and 25 minutes for viewing the video and over 20 minutes in viewing the commericals. Yes I watch the commericals – some are great. Eli has spent hundreds of hours in producing these videos for all of us. When you watch, thumbs up, and comment on these videos this helps Eli produce these units. Also, watch the commericals. We all like Eli’s work; Let’s support it. Thanks

  2. Michael Parry says:

    Eli, again this is another great video. I enjoy your early training videos, in fact, I enjoy all of your videos. There are many more to view. Again, thanks for all the time and effort you have done to get these on the system. This is a great value to all.

  3. udarasandakal says:

    great great.. You changed the way how I do my web designing business. Thank you very much .

  4. DBSEVnyc says:

    great video you have cleared up so much for me!

  5. Joe Curcuru says:

    Great! Extremely helpful thank you

  6. pianoman6584 says:

    This is one of the single most useful YouTube videos I’ve ever seen. I didn’t really think about the whole ‘package’ perspective. I don’t know why in the world Eli creates these amazing videos, but I really appreciate it.

  7. Loak Rath says:

    He is a great teacher! I hope you have billions subscribers! 

  8. mailo2475 says:

    I am in love with you… no homo..

  9. James Stafford says:

    Great information.

  10. James Beckwith says:

    I had students build my website for free at hostingwebsite org

  11. bluelizard81 says:

    did you use your jumper for the white balance?!

  12. zordera says:

    he was as excited as i was :)

  13. Duke Vadis says:

    I really like this dude, I would like to meet you face-to-face for some serious biz

  14. Gazman997 says:

    charge for it

  15. UltraVert says:

    What about site maintenance, updates or changes and so forth? Should you offer to do it free, offer to do it at an added cost, or tell them they’re on their own?

  16. CyberFixi says:

    you are so clear and precise without any extra effects……..

  17. rCinCLined says:

    I agree with everything but using template monster. If your selling someone a custom professional website you can’t be using a re-usable template even if you’re modifying it.

  18. CRlSTO says:

    i been making personal websites as a hobby and learning all this stuff just because its fun to me, i never tried to offer website services to businesses, mainly because i had NO IDEA how to offer them or how to price it, or how to understand my clients or anything like that. After watching this video i am so hyped up i feel i want give you a hug xD.

  19. Rodrigo Silveira says:


  20. boss505boss505 says:

    You are brilliant Mr Goon. In a very respectful way, 😀

  21. wei wang says:

    Thank you for your tutorial.

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