The Catherine Tate Show. Helen, the Translator.

The Catherine Tate Show. Helen, the Translator.

Helen translates for her boss.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to The Catherine Tate Show. Helen, the Translator.

  1. OnePillTooMuch says:

    10 people ain’t multilanguage 😀

  2. kimbelsroxs8 says:

    i’ll say this is crack up i love this show it is comedy

  3. marky77 says:

    She said she was originally going to say “not my suitcase” which is much funnier IMHO but it was deemed too racist/offensive,

  4. slientdeath32134 says:

    lots of ppl would say thats racist but ppl like me don’t care cause theis is comedy gold

  5. Meeheelovespizza says:


  6. Invinsiblegarl66 says:

    she’s pro she is so danm funny

  7. gower23 says:

    @ElfRangerAre9 TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language

  8. MrTimmyFACE says:

    Ahhhh, bud bud check your hotmail bud bud.

  9. paginipro says:

    mine bungubungubungu this is not my sandwich

  10. briggitbro says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA the indian.

  11. branonline says:

    you’re great Missis Tate, ILY 😉 best wishes from switzerland 😉 ))

  12. MckAlex2K6 says:

    help…i dont get that part , its funny though but thats the only part i really didnt understand….would you mind explaining that…

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