The Census Helpline – Not very helpful at all

1. The Census Helpline employs people on a temporary basis through the DSS. 2. The door calling staff are employed by Capita The data is processed by DSS and…

7 thoughts on “The Census Helpline – Not very helpful at all

  1. HERE’S WHAT TO DO…step1- take the Census return envelope into the bathroom, step2- place a big smelly “curly wirrly” inside, step3- walk to the nearest post box, pop envelope inside and help tomorrow take shape.!!

  2. Outstanding! You rock! I love your videos, not only are they very entertaining to watch (couldn’t stop laughing through this one) they are also very important and educational by exposing the dirty tricks the government and their agencies use against people, which basically operate outside the law and against peoples human rights in some cases. It just shows when you challenge many of these things they simply become absurd and unenforceable. No contact and co-operation is the way usually.

  3. Hi D, My names’ Stu. I used to work with you in Tangmere, Chichester! This is my bro’s Youtube account. Came across your vids by chance, been on the truth trail for a few years!! How are you doing mate? would be good to catch up!

  4. The census collectors work up until 6th May. The non-compliance officers will be out and about until 12th August. They will TRY to create joinder (ie match a name to a property) and get a formal statement which will, I guess, need a wet ink signature. Oh, by the way.. out of over a million people not returning censuses last time they actually prosecuted 38 (who would have been the ones who gave a statement) I haven’t been able to obtain figures showing to what extent they were fined, if at all.

  5. Two questions. 1. Are you obliged to open your mail (especially when it’s not addressed to you)? 2. Are you obliged to open your front door? Answer to both questions is: “NO!” 🙂

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