The Clay Cook Masterclass – 2014

The Clay Cook Masterclass – 2014
Event on 2014-10-18 10:00:00
CLAY COOK MASTERCLASS A Two day intensive workshop of philosophy, exposure, light, post-workflow & marketing This is no crowded workshop, it's an intimate experience. Limited to only 14 photographers, internationally published photographer Clay Cook will reveal his philosophy in the photography business to his intricate post processing workflow and everything in between. Not only will you learn the proper steps to making a great image, you'll have the opportunity to create stunning photographs yourself to take your portfolio to the next level. You won't just take home a notebook full of scribbled jottings, you'll take home a newfound energy and knowledge to be the best photographer you can be. It's not about the equipment or technical know how, it's about you, your eye and heart. For signing up you will be eligible for many exciting giveaways, all products which Clay endorses and recommends from Tether Tools, CamRanger, X-Rite Color Calibration, Savage Seamless Paper, SmugMug, Wacom and Westcott. Day One: Saturday October 18, 2014 PhilosophyClay will expose the story of how he strategically moved up the ladder from shooting friends at parties to shooting commercial advertisements and fashion editorials in all major Louisville publications in a matter of two years. And getting paid for it. a. Creativity & Clientsb. Strategic Assistingc. Social Engagement & Networkingd. Taking Riskse. Just Shoot Everything ExposureKnowing your camera inside and out is a good thing, but it can also hinder your creative process. This is no 101 workshop, but Clay will show you the basics of his technique from in camera metering to finding unique composition. a. Camera & Lensb. Sunc. Surroundingsd. Using ISOe. Depth of Fieldf. Tripodg. Subject Matter LightAdding artificial light isn’t just to gain a proper exposure; artificial light can be the difference between “Cool” and “Amazing”. Leaving photographers all around wondering how it was shot. Clay will show his go-to on location and studio light scenarios for that perfect touch of drama. Along with two models, the day will wrap up on location doing what we love to do; shooting. a. On Locationb. Studioc. Experimentationd. Lights & Modifierse. Travel & Logisticsf. Shoot Day Two – Sunday, October 19, 2014 Post WorkflowIf you’ve seen those editorials in Vogue and Vanity Fair, post processing plays a large role in the overall color tone and feel of the spread. There is no quick process for thoroughly re-touching images, there is however a very wrong way to go about it. Clay will tell all and breakdown his post process from import to export. a. Tetheringb. Adobe Lightroomc. Adobe Photoshopd. DropBoxe. Machine & Work Horse Marketing “How do I get published?” There isn’t an easy solution, but one of the most powerful tools in the industry today is simply… perception. From branding to SEO to Facebook engagement, it all plays a crucial role on how your brand appears to others. If you bring a professional brand to the table, perception is… you’re a professional. In this final piece to the puzzle, Clay will reveal his marketing strategies and how important it truly is to your business. a. Brand b. Publishing (Web, Social)c. Facebookd. Bloge. Analyticsf. Behind The Scenesg. Video Q &A & Giveaways Concluding the workshop, Clay will answer any and all questions. As well as draw the winners of all giveaways. Clay Cook began his creative career in the music industry, after 10 years, his passion had leaned towards photography, cinematography and graphic design. Constantly collaborating with designers, national models, filmmakers and other photographers, Clay has built a reputable name as an award-winning internationally published photographer and filmmaker, specializing in fashion editorial and advertising photography. Clay’s work is featured frequently on world-wide photography blogs including Fstoppers, PetaPixel, SLRLounge, ISO1200 and BorrowLenses among others. Clay has been published in Modern Salon, American Salon Magazine, Louisville Magazine, The Courier Journal, The Voice Tribune, The Voice of Louisville, NFocus Magazine, Louisville Bride, STORY Magazine, MOUR Magazine and Dark Beauty Magazine. Photographer – 0.00 Photographer – Installment Plan – 0.00

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