The Content Marketing Academy 2015

The Content Marketing Academy 2015
Event on 2015-09-04 09:00:00
What can I expect from The Content Marketing Academy?

The Content Marketing Academy will bring together business people from all over Scotland into one location to meet experts from all over the UK to learn and educate themselves about what’s happening in the content marketing space.

You can expect to hear from business people who have experienced success in their own business through embracing content marketing. You will also be able to join these experts in a workshop environment to understand exactly how to implement the concepts in your own business.Who is The Content Marketing Academy for?

The Content Marketing Academy is suitable for business owners in the UK who have the desire to understand exactly how they can use content marketing principles and implement them in their business. The Content Marketing Academy is for business owners and is particularly suitable if:

  • you are looking for new and fresh ideas for marketing your business
  • you have an understanding of what content marketing is and you would like to develop your knowledge
  • you have started using content as part of your marketing strategy, but you would like to take your strategy to a new level

In general, if you understand how important marketing is in your business, and as the business owner you take your role in the marketing of your own business seriously, you absolutely need to attend this conference.

[Additional details TBC]

at COSLA Conference Centre
Verity House
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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