The Creator of Artificial Intelligence SEO



  • Business References
  • Name: Jaime Mendez (James)
  • Married and 4 children in school and college.
  • Email:  jaime @
  • Skype: jaimeinhawaii
  • Cell: (716) 712-4736
  • Fax: (877) 455-2827
  • Residence: Oahu Island, Hawaii (Yes, Hawaii and I love it here so if I work for you, it will have to be remotely, telecommuting)
  • Business Address: 94-1221 Ka’Uka Blvd 108-218, Waipahu, HI 96797
  • Nationality: US citizen.
  • Hobbies and Sports:
    • Science and Technology
    • Swimming
    • Paddle Boarding
    • Cycling


  • In 1975 right out of college started working for IBM as a system analyst for many years. But enjoyed it so much it still feel like I was paid for a job I would have done for free!
  • I developed extensible in the area of the application of technology to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • I created many systems, programs and processes that multiplied the production output in technical and administration areas.
  • Traveled extensively all over the world, you know IBM style (for any reason, but only business class).
  • Many years on the road, either teaching or learning some new technology.
  • Network administrator expert (all systems).
  • Remote Assistance, installations, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Programming, Data Communication, VOIP, Office, web, DOS, windows, IBM systems, PL1, APL, Basic, C, C++, html, JavaScript, rexx, batch, IT, POS, wired, wireless, MS server, Apache, SEO – Search Engine Optimization, WordPress, Joomla, CMS, PHP, MySQL, XML, Ajax, Jquery, MS Office, Access, Excel, Word, Power Point,  etc., etc.
  • Excel at building business relationships and making projects reality.
  • Extremely positive attitude, but reasonable and lots of common sense.
  • Team leader and player even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Professional and polite conduct even in the tensest situations.
  • Excellent mathematical skills, fast and accurate mental complex, decimal and fractional calculations.
  • Reasoning ability, ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in unique situations and conditions.
  • Very healthy and strong, ready to take on the most demanding physical challenges.
  • Languages: English 100%, Spanish 100%, Italian 60%, Portuguese 50%, Chinese 10%, Japanese 10%.
  • I started a few successful businesses that I sold for a nice retirement in Hawaii.
    But my passion for technology did not let me enjoy retirement for long.
    During my few months away from the business world I perfected my Artificial Intelligence SEO that I had been working as a hobby for the past 5+ years.

    • I created Artificial Intelligence SEO because I was managing a small company struggling to survive in a declining economy.
    • Each time I reached a break through with the technology the results were more and more impressive.
    • I turned around the business I managed to the point that we were featured in many events and the magazine of the chamber of commerce many times.
    • In June 2010 I left the company, moved to Hawaii and launched my new technology on October 1, 2010.

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  1. Dear Jamie, Can SEO work for the little guy in a cost effective way. I have been a Network Marketer for many years, and am always looking for programs that I can pass on to my downline. My biggest Joy in Life is helping other become successful. Ralph

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