12 Replies to “THE CREATURE, the dance…”

  1. I enjoyed the drum solo by Sandy Nelson some decades ago. But in the sixties there were no possibilities to watch videos like this. I think the dancing style developed in the meantime too?

  2. You have a video here that is very cool. I will bet the views will start increasing. This is a 60s tape, right? Thanks for making it available. Some of the best dance moves I can remember. Thanks, Robert

  3. roberthuffstutter…THANKS for your many comments and invites! It’s hard to bring the house down when one is wearing cargo pants…but…the girl…does just that~

  4. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/78215847@N00] She is really putting her heart and soul into her music. It is good to see that energy from the past still going strong. A classic. Thank you for exhibiting in our groups. Robert

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