The Crop Circles of Google Earth (March 2008)

EDIT: These are crop circles found in Google Earth as of March 2008. They are old now, so use the time slider in GE and move it back to around March of 2008 to view them. EDIT2: Thanks to all for the views and comments. My personal opinion is that all crop circles are man-made. I find them to be a great work of art, especially considering they are done at night, with rope and wood, and most times the makers are drunk haha. I dont believe Aliens would travel all this way just to flatten some corn. :)

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15 Responses to The Crop Circles of Google Earth (March 2008)

  1. Sócrates Platón says:

    coordinates please??

  2. ragalyis says:

    I like how ya can tell the fake apart from the real

  3. Wilma472866 says:

    thank you aliens for using our fields for art lol

  4. Robson Yukiu says:

    I like this song. Foo Fighters – Learn to fly

  5. rawr2560 says:

    @gara9100 just because u don’t believe doesn’t mean it’s not true -_-

  6. iwillbethre says:

    uk people prepare to get kidnapped by aliens cause most of them is in uk

  7. qqoify says:

    You guys trying to fool us that crop circle is man made. Because there is something you don’t want us to know?

  8. mitchcapone says:

    2:50 That tripped me out

  9. teh1337meister says:

    50% of all crop circles occur in the UK believe it or not! It’s a very english past-time! haha

  10. teh1337meister says:

    It’s easy. Firstly you survey it so you know exactly where you’re making the patterns and starting each circle. One person stands at the center of the circle with a bit of string of length the radius of the circle, and you use ‘stompers’ to flatten the stalks up to that desired length – spiralling outwards or whatever at your discretion. You’re a fool for even questioning if these are man made or not.

  11. teh1337meister says:

    Excellent video, well found!

  12. Tr3ySoldier says:

    The shitty crop circles are man made – the complex ones made in avebury – wiltshire are pleidian.

  13. CarlChub says:

    I dont know… If all these are man made, how are all the circles made so perfectly round? How are all the patterns so symmetric? Why is it all so neat? Unless there are just a shit ton of people that know how to make perfect crop circles..

  14. joshuagranberg says:

    2:30 looks like google chrome……. google is taking over every thing

  15. EuropeanGuy87 says:

    These are not so impressive. but there are some really complex notorious ones that humans simply cannot make in 1 they occurred ..they are so’s beyond my understanding..

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