The deep, dark secret of SEO

The deep, dark secret of SEO
During the last five years, many of the most successful content sites have been associated with — or pejoratively accused of employing — search engine optimization (SEO). The term itself is as common as it is murky. The gist is that most people find …
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In terms of examples of active experts practicing top search engine optimization, San Diego is only a decade old in providing a center for this new field of professional marketing, but it is fully coming into its own as the Internet matures, according …
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BrightEdge Raises .8M For Content Marketing And SEO
BrightEdge started out as an SEO company, and when it raised its Series C early last year, that was still the main focus. At the same time, co-founder and CEO Jim Yu told me at the time that “search is evolving” and that BrightEdge was keeping up with …
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