The Disabled Pay More For Auto Insurance, New Study Shows, But Is This Illegal?

(PRWEB) February 06, 2012

Auto insurance quote provider released a new study showing that individuals with disabilities pay more for auto insurance coverage on average than individuals without disabilities. Although the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 states that this type of discrimination is illegal, the disabled continue to pay higher rates for auto insurance., an online insurance quote comparison site based in New York, NY, surveyed American citizens living in New York City in order to see the price difference between premiums of the disabled and the non-disabled. The results of the study showed that on average, disabled individuals pay more than $ 600 annually for car insurance, compared to the non-disabled.

Although it is illegal to charge the disabled more for auto insurance, 4AutoInsuranceQuote owner James Shaffer says, the insurance companies seem to side-step this legislation by charging the disabled extra for additional coverage they will most likely need.

The study found that despite the law prohibiting insurance companies from issuing higher rates to disabled individuals for basic coverage, they are not prohibited from charging extra for additional coverage that only the disabled would need. These additional coverage types include adaptation coverage (covers vehicle add-ons such as wheel-chair lifts), mobility insurance (covers taxi and other transportation in case adapted vehicles are damaged or under repair), and equipment coverage (covers medical equipment that the disabled might travel with). While most disabled people need this coverage, 4AutoInsuranceQuote says, insurance companies do not offer these for free.

The study surveyed 623 individuals aged 25-50 who are the only ones on their insurance policy. Of these 623 individuals, 456 were not disabled and 167 were disabled. The results of the survey showed that on average, disabled people pay $ 2810 annually for insurance while people who aren’t disabled pay only $ 2193 annually.

In response to the results of the survey, Mr. Shaffer said, it’s really a shame. Disabled individuals have it tough enough already. The Americans With Disabilities Act should provide some type of relief to them, but just like any law, there are always ways to work around it. But (insurance) is a big business, always looking to profit. And it’s always the less fortunate that have to pay the price.

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