The Dumbest Yahoo Questions [Part 1] – @Fresh

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13 Responses to The Dumbest Yahoo Questions [Part 1] – @Fresh

  1. Kiana Staples says:


  2. Nyan Cat says:

    2+2=5 BECAUSE… 2 and 2 us 22. V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet. V in Roman numerals is 5. Boom.

  3. Aftan Sneed says:

    “Monica, Monica, Monica……….Monica” #dead

  4. dominicfhk says:

    More… “How am I sure I’m the real mon of my kid?” “In the movie Home Alone, why did the cameraguy film the kid instead of calling the cops?” “Was the movie The Lion King based on a true story?” People love to troll.

  5. Scott Porter says:

    Dear youtube, If i comment on this video will you post it please?

  6. Lee Uchiha says:


  7. Mossleaf845 says:

    I actually had to pause this because I was laughing too hard.

  8. Xx Sassy_Kitty123 xX says:

    I have gotten spaghetti stains in my underwear. My white, cotton underwear. I have spaghetti stains in my white, cotton underwear. Da crap????

  9. FreshPrince jr says:

    What’s good Monica! Lol

  10. Raven Allen says:

    The “Monica” one had me crying >_< !!!!!

  11. gamerexpert105 says:

    oh wow that was so dumb.

  12. theninjaapocalypse hewes says:

    the earth is infinitely falling around the Sun an orbit is a infant fall 

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