The End of Google Reader Sends Internet Into an Uproar

The End of Google Reader Sends Internet Into an Uproar
People turned to Twitter to lambaste Google for its decision and ask other people for alternative feed readers. Blogs weighed in, noting that the company was making a mistake. A few Web sites that rely on Google Reader for their own products, including …
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Google Maps Chief Jeff Huber Steps Down To Join Google X
He just finished his first decade at Google — having worked on some of our most complicated issues like ads, apps, payments and geo — and now he is eager to work in more of a startup environment,” a Google spokesperson told Wired in an email.
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Google Reader shut down: Try these RSS feed alternatives
Google announced Wednesday that it would shut down its online RSS reader. The search giant said it is going through a second year of spring cleaning, shutting down services like Google Reader and ending support for services like Google Voice app for …
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