The Engine of Your Business Revenue

The Engine of Your Business Revenue
Event on 2015-01-20 18:30:00

  • Are you a bootstrapping startup with a mission, but still struggling to bring the money in? Perhaps burning the mid-night oil, because by day you make the money for your life somewhere else?
  • Are you a solopreneur, or perhaps a small team, that is aware of the 10,000 things you could do or should do to grow your business? And so you’re working frantically in a dozen directions at once, because you’re actually not sure what will really make the difference in your bottom line?
  • Have you been somewhat successful building your company, but day-to-day, feel overwhelmed by the volume of work it takes to get by? And wonder how you’ll grow to the next level unless you clone yourself?

Join Myka McLaughlin, who struggled for two years building her company, WINC. But the struggle was revenue. She had a vision, a mission, and a ton of smarts+perseverance, but she did not have a business, because, Myka wasn’t making any money. There came a moment when she could not keep working hard for nothing and she could not give up on WINC’s vision, so Myka got very serious and very focused on how to move the revenue up in her company. And what she did worked. In nine months, she grew WINC’s revenue 18x and the this growth trajectory has continued to increase since. And what she realized along the way was that she landed on a repeatable and powerful system for any small business to do the same. She calls this the Engine of Your Business Revenue, and Myka has taught it to dozens of women entrepreneurs who’ve had similar results in their businesses.

 In this workshop, I’ll help you get laser focused on:

  • How the Engine of Your Business Revenue works, and why you can’t make money or scale your business until you understand it
  • Why this framework is a system, and why you can’t – or at least shouldn’t – scale your business until its humming
  • The two things you must spend the majority of your time on, if you’re not making enough money
  • Why your website is not the problem, even when it feels like it

 We are all so used to big, bold, catchy marketing messages trying to get us to show up. But honestly, the clarity of this framework is a game changer. Once you understand it – and its very simple – you’ll approach your business (and your to-do list) with a laser focus on what actually moves your revenue up. And these same four steps are what will move your revenue up now, but also over and over again. And the real kicker is that your new focus will illuminate not only what to put on your todo list, but Hallelujah! – what to take off.Online event registration for The Engine of Your Business Revenue powered by Eventbrite About the teacher: 

Myka  McLaughlin  founded  WINC,  a  business-­training  program  that  helps  women   entrepreneurs  create  wealth  doing  what  they  love.  WINC  helps  women entrepreneurs  get  super  focused  on  driving  their  revenue  up,  within  an  intimate  and  collaborative  culture  of  women  doing  it  together.Myka  teaches  a  simple,  but highly  strategic,  four-­part  system,  called  The  Engine  of   Your  Business  Revenue.  This  system  helps  women  entrepreners  get 100%  focused  on  the  four  areas  that actually  generate  money  in  their  business.  Myka  discovered  this  system  when  she  too  struggled  to  turn  her  passion  into profit.  Once   she  cracked  this  code,  she went  from  not  making  any  money  to  a  fully  profitable   business  in  6  weeks,  and  grew  her  revenue  18x  in 9 months.  100 women have worked with WINC and Myka to implement this system for their business with incredible results.WINC is expanding  its live programming from Boulder to Denver, NYC,   LA  and  San  Francisco. Myka  graduated  with  distinction  from  the  University  of  Colorado  with  a  degree  in  Economics  and  International  Affairs,  and  has  been  self-­employed  since  she  was 15  years  old.

And I’ve seen many women grow their revenue 2x, 3x, even 10x in just a few months using this system. 


  • In the first and second month of the Program I hit my revenue goals, and in the third month, I made double my revenue goal! ~ Reilly Jernigan, Massage Therapist / Acupuncturist
  • This Program is by far THE BEST decision I have ever made for the health of my business. I’ve hit my revenue goal for the past 5 months! My revenue is growing and I’m working less hours. ~ Sarah Sandy, Fertility Nutrition Coach
  • By the third-month of the Program, I grew my revenue 10x and now I’m working full-time on my business! ~ Mariele Williams, Jewelry Designer / Ceramicist
  • I’ve owned my own business for almost 10 years, and I so wish I could have taken this Program several years back… it could have saved me much financial hardship. ~ Joanna Kennedy, Relationship & Intimacy Coach
  • Before the Program, I was seeing an average of 5-10 clients a week and about 00 per month; three months later I was averaging 15-20 clients per week; and in the forth month, I made over 00 a month! ~ Noel Love, Acupuncturist
  • Since beginning the WINC Program, my monthly revenue stream has grown 5x! And I’m half way to meeting my revenue goal in only 6 months! ~ Chelsea Pohl, Artist / Kids Art Camps
  • By doing the Program, in six weeks, I generated as much revenue as I’d made in the previous six months! ~ Katie Back, Alexandre Technique Teacher
  • Myka has given me a clear map to help me know exactly what to do next. And my business revenue has tripled since the Program! ~ Johanna Walker, Public Speaking Coach
  • The Program seemed like a lot of money at the time, but now I think it’s the best investment I’ve made so far in my business. So much transformed during the Program! I surpassed my first three-month revenue goal by 00! ~ Maggie Evans, Wedding Dress Designer
  • After the Program, I’m 5 times busier than I have been in the last year and a half! I am pumped! And hopeful! And full of gratitude!! ~Sperry Goode, Physical Fitness Trainer
  • I feel like a business woman now. This Program held my feet to the fire, and I just signed a client that will crush my Q2 revenue goals! ~ Emily Braucher, Intercultural Communications
  • As a result of my work with WINC, in less than 6 months, I quadrupled my revenue in the content marketing part of my business (that I focused on in the Program). I also made back the cost of the Program four times over – with a single new client! ~ Radha Marcum, Content Marketing
  • Within four months of starting the WINC Program, my total revenue went up 44% from last year. Even more, the part of my business I focused on in the Program grew 65%!! Yay for WINC Magic!! ~ Elizabeth Winheld, Wedding Invitations

You’ll leave this workshop with a whole new understanding of where to focus and where not to focus, if you want to create wealth doing what you love

at Impact Hub Boulder
1877 Broadway
Boulder, United States

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