The English Language In 30 Accents (Animated)

An animated remake/extension of my last accent video that went viral back in late 2010 (sorry for the wait lol). This time I have added some new accents and my friend Chris (aka CmOrigins) has animated each one of them. He has been one of my good friends since secondary school and did a fantastic job with the animations in this video so I would appreciate it if you check out his YouTube channel and subscribe to him. Anyway I understand that the accents may not all be perfect some may be quite bad (depending on your own perception of them) but they are just a bit of fun and I did my best with them. I learned most of them over the years randomly from TV, Movies, Videogames and real life experiences. As I always say and have repeatedly said in this video: These accents and (animated scenarios) are not meant to offend anyone and should not be taken seriously. I apologise for the all the accents I have missed out or done a terrible job on. CREDITS (as if anyone is going to bother reading them let alone the description lol) Written and produced by: Jake Wardle (Truseneye92) Voiced by: Jake Wardle (Obviously :P) Edited by: Jake Wardle Animations by: Chris Mendoza (CmOrigins) (Obviously! :P)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to The English Language In 30 Accents (Animated)

  1. lozboz333 says:

    You should voice audiobooks for a living 😉

  2. twontitus says:

    Hey guys, I help my students a lot with this website.. It has a lot of grammatical explainations and tutorials, as well as practice.. its english page

  3. jandersunstr says:

    Awesome job again!

  4. meanmrmustard89 says:

    Brilliant! I wish you could do geordie.

  5. Wook1elover says:

    Even though I really liked the first accent video, this one is way better!!!

  6. Abiezer Lapaix says:

    The animation in the video for me is perfect, and also it’s very helpful for foreign people that want to how looks like every person of each accent location.

  7. Christine Ashton says:

    Have you ever thought of being a voice actor? You could make a living off that.

  8. Lisa Beaumont says:

    Your Yorkshire accent is ace – you sound like my cousin’s boyfriend, haha, and you sound like so many of my international friends – wonderful! Thanks for the laugh! 😀 X

  9. LoverMusic000 says:

    french fkn hilarious hahahaha

  10. ilikechiks100 says:

    12:36 your regular everyday american accent is perfect man.

  11. ilikechiks100 says:

    isnt it funny that the indian accent is the easiest to imitate

  12. Khadija Kabli says:

    you should go to Ellen!!!!!

  13. 6001091 says:

    What is your favorite accent to impersonate?

  14. Kat F says:

    anyone else notice how he added a picture of his dogs and food for a split second after the yorkshire accent?

  15. BoggoLiverpool13 says:

    Proppa london ting blood!

  16. YouToube Taro says:

    anyway, awesome. I like it when you speak in American accent. Let me help you with Japanese accent in upcoming 2014 version LOL

  17. YouToube Taro says:

    if possible, I wanted to help you with Japanese accent.

  18. CloudyChocolate says:

    Fucking amazing.

  19. Felicity Thompson says:

    Ok, now this was awesome. The southern american accent..based on ‘True Blood’ I think:’)

  20. Sebastian Meza says:

    this was awesome!

  21. dewyfields says:

    I really liked it! And well said, “I’m not a robot”, but it will be nice if you can include, in a future video, a south-american accent, if you’ve heard it (not mexican exclusively), though I know each and every person gives it a personal touch; just an aproximation. Greetings!

  22. Zuru100 says:

    Aw manzwe got bare gange but no skins! Dis is like my worst nightmare!

  23. Gittelbug says:

    Awesome job!

  24. rkr1410 says:

    Hey, I’m just a random nitpicker: you can really hear the intrusive R in some places (in french episode it’s “idea-r”, or “china-r” when the redneck finds the katana). Just my OCD speaking, great video really.

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