the Evolution of Genesis

This is my lecture on the origins of Biblical fables, presented for the Secular Student Alliance in the University of North Texas at Denton on 2013/04/11. I …
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  1. offdaheez says:

    hell that’s 2 more times than I would have. He’s not interested in considering any argument that would contradict his position. That’s scary to these people. That means considering the possibility that their beliefs might just be based on bullshit, so its easier to sit in denial and repeat the same “arguments” over and over, turn to insults, or try to reverse it on you without adding any substance. example: “you cant prove god doesn’t exist” as if that statement has any significance. Its sad.

  2. pchamney says:

    Just offhand, there’s the Foundation Beyond Belief. And Atheists Helping the Homeless. There are more; feel free to google ‘atheist charity.’ I’ve now had two friends who were homeless in the past. Both have complained about the restrictions conditions placed by most christian charities upon the help they give, as well as emotional abuse by people in these ‘helping’ organizations. These friends were from different parts of the U.S., and neither knew the other. Just sayin’.

  3. Drache222222 says:

    Do you have any arguments? Or is ranting your favorite hobby …

  4. Trifecta3x3 says:

    Sir, don’t waste your time with neo thes. He is a complete moron who “rules all” – that is, in his own imaginary world. In his delusion, he is the god of truth and genius and all others fear to enter the debate cage with him. He is a babbling brook – a total waste of air. Ever hear the secular proverb: “The shallowest rivers make the most noise”? That is neo_thes – extremely shallow and hence extremely noisy. Again…don’t waste your time with the raving moron. It is a useless endeavor.

  5. Trifecta3x3 says:

    You seem like a smart person which is unique for this post site, so I’ll answer your question. Others like neo_thes are raving lunatics yelling about victories they did not win. Reminds me of the show “Worlds Dumbest (debaters). ha ha ha… Anyway….you seem smart and that is twice amplified by the shallow babblers stroking themselves in the background, so I’ll return to answer your question. There are some gov charities and many Christian charities…but where are the atheist charities?

  6. Drache222222 says:

    Thank you for praying for me. It doesn’t have any effect, but it is a nice gesture … Please just read the article about evolution on wikipedia. I hope that will help you to get a basic understanding …

  7. flogger441 says:

    yay if ever there was an example of a baseless batch of insults and complete and utter lack of an actual fucking argument it would be this. way to go, you win dumbest comment of the day. now go jump off a bridge.

  8. voiceofreason4677 says:

    “You might have a better chance at understanding what the word ‘vicious’ means … if you could spell it.” Red herring anyone? Only two kinds of people do what you just did… 4channers and trolls. And since we’re not on 4chan that leaves only one other option.

  9. voiceofreason4677 says:

    “You cried like a baby because your stupid little comment got downvoted.” Making an observation about how long it took for my comment to be down voted = me being a cry baby? Wow, you certainly have a way of interpreting things based on a troll like behavior.

  10. Matthew Sharpe says:

    Never heard of The Red Cross or UNICEF huh?

  11. Matthew Sharpe says:

    Because if I don’t believe in a God who provides me with no evidence at all for his existence and yet creates me with a mind that requires such evidence, he will throw me into a lake of fire for eternity right? Well if he’s that much of an a-hole I’ll take the lake of fire thanks. Of course the other explanation which is that it’s all a stupid story made up thousands of years ago by primitives could also be correct, right?

  12. James Peters Sr. says:

    Is life after death attractive?

  13. neo theskepticarena says:

    1 of 2 Trifecta, do you hear that? No? You can’t hear all the crickets chirping? That’s because your silence is deafening. This is exactly the same thing that happened last week on a different thread. You came in beating your chest, and huffing and puffing … and then you snuk out like a little rat in a house full of cats. Some people never learn (or in your case, some teenagers).

  14. neo theskepticarena says:

    2 of 2 By the way, Jesus did contact me (via a bowl of rice krispies), so I guess you were right about God’s existence. Since you humiliated Him by refusing to defend Him in public, He spelled out the message that your judgment is going to take place MUCH sooner than planned. Better start packing Dude. Oh and by the way, based on how mad He was … you won’t need to worry about dressing warm.

  15. neo theskepticarena says:

    Trifecta! Where’d you go? Everyone’s waiting. You start with one verse where the devil committed an evil deed (supported by a reference to scripture) and I’ll reply with one about your God (supported by scripture). We’ll go until one of us runs out. Chop chop Trifecta (Jesus is eagerly awaiting your defense, as are countless YouTubers).

  16. Mtaalas says:

    Dude? What the hell are you babbling about?

  17. Mtaalas says:

    Oh darn… you’re way out there dude. Calm down.

  18. MissSundayBrunche says:

    I have never seen an ass-whoopin like the one Trifecta just got. That comment exchange should be put in the You Tube Hall of Fame!

  19. neo theskepticarena says:

    Readers: click show comment. This guy may be the most butt-hurt little Ghost Worshipper on YouTube.

  20. neo theskepticarena says:

    1 of 6 “Oh yeah…I remember you now” What do you have, Alzheimer’s? It was only a week ago for Christ’s sake (oops, there goes commandment #3). “ha ha ha ha ha….the chicken shit” How old are you? 14? “I responded to your challenge with one that limited you to a single comment each point and you wailed and wailed like a stuck pig, afraid to meet me on terms that I defined”

  21. neo theskepticarena says:

    2 of 6 Reality check: I made the challenge. Your description above, describes your reactions. In a desperate attempt to evade the challenge and save face, you offered a counter challenge which allowed you to make excuses for God’s evil deeds. Only the dumbest YouTubers would not have realized that you were trying to find a way out of the challenge by changing the terms. The fact that you feel you need to be able to provide excuses … tells us all we need to know.

  22. neo theskepticarena says:

    3 of 6 Your trick failed. That’s why you left in disgrace; totally humiliated in front of everyone. You are now known across YouTube as the guy who refused to defend his god. The guy who had a chance to fight for Jesus and instead, tucked his tail between his legs and ran like hell. “You are so full of shit I have to laugh and laugh” Laughing is what people do when they can’t hold their own in a debate.

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