The evolution of nude nail varnish

The evolution of nude nail varnish
It started as a clean, modern take on the French manicure, then jazzed around a bit with matt finishes for that uncanny shop-dummy look, and now it's evolved to the point where "nude" doesn't just mean "pink". Nude now encompasses a real variety of …
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UNC Basketball: The Evolution of PJ Hairston
PJ Hairston came into Chapel Hill with an excellent reputation and had high expectations his freshman year as every North Carolina player does. For those of you that do not know, PJ Hairston is a 6'5” 220lb monster guard that can play positions 2 …
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Coelacanths are unexceptional products of evolution
The morphological resemblance of the modern coelacanth to its fossil ancestors has resulted in it being nicknamed 'the living fossil'. This invites the question of whether the genome of the coelacanth is as slowly evolving as its outward appearance …
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