The Experts’ Executive Retreat

The Experts’ Executive Retreat
Event on 2013-07-26 14:00:00

Publishing A Book is The Best Way To Leverage Your Hard-Earned Expert Status

…And You've Just Run Out Of Excuses For Not Getting A Book Of Your Own Published Now!


NEVER BEFORE OFFERED: Spend A Fun Weekend with us and Get Your Book DONE FOR YOU at the same time,                                    for a single low price.

Here is a small sampling of books we've completed on almost every subject imaginable!



Yes, it's absolutely true!

If you're a busy professional or executive, you realize that writing and publishing a book would instantly catapult you over all your competition. Today, getting a book published has never been easier – but first you still have to write a book.

Even if you consider yourself the next Hemingway, writing a book can be a daunting task. It takes a lot of time and effort – effort you most likely never seem to find the time to put in.

This could be your one opportunity to finally get your book done and published the right way – beginning to end. All you need to do is spend a weekend with our team at a special retreat we’ve planned just for you and 11 others. We’ll take over from there.

Here’s how it works:

Only 12 attendees, working closely with five professional advisors for one weekend. We’ll work with you to get your book ready and into production before you leave, and published approximately 90 days after you arrive home.

PLUS — fun, blues, barbecue, top shelf dining, planned activities, networking and more, all in the beautiful historic city of Charleston, South Carolina!

This is an all-inclusive event! Private transportation to and from the airport, your own private room in the historical Citadel Embassy Suites Hotel, meals, outings, everything. One price. Three days of great "private retreat" fun and…everything pulled together to get your own 20,000-word book DONE and published within 90 days following the event with our incredible system.

How Can We Offer All This For One Low All-Inclusive Price When Other Companies Are Charging To 0K For Ghostwriters?

It took a dedicated team of five entrepreneurs to put this one-of-a-kind system into place. Veteran publisher and best selling author Alan Bechtold put his 35 years of experience into building a team of top-shelf published writers who agreed to Alan's strict application guidelines and terms. They're now over 100 strong and they can't wait to get started on your book!

He then turned to the best marketer he knew…Legendary Consultant David Preston. David immediately saw the massive benefits this system would bring to busy professionals who desperately needed help in marketing their business, to leap-frog over their competition. He put his 25-plus years of real-world experience into the system to make it turn-key. An all-inclusive, totally done-for-you deal…because he understands busy business owners can experience massive exponential growth when they have a book – but if it’s not done for them, the odds are the book will never get done.

Worried about marketing and leveraging your book once it's finished? David will build a custom plan for your new book and work with you one-on-one, to ensure maximum leverage and return on your investment.

David then brought on the only team he trusts for worry-free niche domination: John Rizzo and Vito Santoro, from Niche Dominance. From results-based SEO, social media and keyword monetization to Internet marketing with the highest possible standards, Niche Dominance makes it happen and happen fast. They have an innate ability to see where your business is currently at on the ‘net, see where it needs to be and implement the fastest route to get it there the right way. Niche Dominance is exactly what they do!

The bottom line: each member of our team has a very successful business. The combined volume of the four companies involved allows us to get pricing for services that would be unheard-of in most business circles. This one-of-a-kind system allows us to pass our savings onto you. For example: instead of charging 0-0 per written page most top-tier ghostwriters charge for writing alone, we can handle the entire job, beginning-to-end, for as little as a page!

What Happens After The Retreat?

Once you leave the retreat, it's time for you to relax. Your work is pretty much done. We go to work from there and your only involvement will be approval or changes to your book as written. You can contribute as much or as little additional material as you desire, adding more “you” to the finished product, or simply let us handle it. This is totally up to you and your own individual time constraints. Whatever your decision, we make publication happen.

Once your book is published on ALL major venues, including Amazon print-on-demand…it's time to market and leverage your new-found expert status. We’ll work with you through the entire process of leveraging your book into some serious ROI! The sky is literally the limit on what you can accomplish as a published, expert author. It all depends on how much time you wish to make available as an expert. Radio and TV appearances, book signings, speaking gigs…it's up to you. All of this will be determined in our time together, working privately with each attendee during the retreat.

When you're ready to market, we've got you covered!

We have many systems we can integrate into your marketing for serious long-term success in your business when you have a book. The best part is that your initial success with the marketing you will receive from us can easily fund your expansion, which then becomes exponential growth. We believe that's how it should be!

Make the right decision for your future business today and join us for a happy balance of fun, great dining and activities, networking with some of the best and brightest and, above all, your book will finally get done and done right. 

Here's a short overview of the Experts' Retreat Schedule:


  • 2pm-4pm – Initial meet and greet! Meet your five experts and the other experts who are attending the event. (Main meeting room.)
  • 4pm – Check in
  • 4:30 – 7pm Cocktails and networking
  • 7pm Fine dining in the main dining hall
  • Networking until?


  • 7am – 9am – Breakfast in main dining hall
  • 9am – 12pm – Individual interviews to "find the book within you." These are one-on-one interviews, to increase the marketing capabilities of your new book. We’ll explore all possible marketing and leveraging capabilities for your book once published and map out individual plans for marketing your business the right way!
  • 12pm – 1pm – *Private surprise luncheon!
  • 1pm – 3pm – Choosing a title that sells your book (Interactive workshop)
  • 3pm – 5pm – Historical Charleston tours with private guide and private transportation provided.
  • 5pm – 7pm – Cocktails and networking in mezzanine 
  • 7pm – ?? – Private Chartered Blues and Barbeque harbor tour! Enjoy a private tour of the beautiful Charleston harbor, yacht club and marina, historical Fort Moultrie and more. All while enjoying a private blues performance and some of the best Carolina barbeque on the east coast!


  • 7am – 9am – Breakfast in main dining hall
  • 9am – 12pm – Final selection of your book covers and graphics. Photos will be taken of each participant for inclusion on your book covers and/or in your ensuing publicity following publication. You’ll work one-on-one with our experts to achieve the best "impulse-buy" cover for your new book possible.
  • 12pm – 1pm – Private luncheon with a five-star local chef!
  • 1pm – 2pm – Checkout
  • 2pm – 4pm – Finalize marketing plan for each attendee

Remember, ALL of the activities are included in your retreat package price!

Does this sound like a fun way to get your business growing rapidly? We thought so! A perfect mix of "work" and fun, all aimed at getting your book written and published for you within 90 days of the event.

All of this in the beautiful, historic charm of Charleston, SC. You’ll have ample time to see the sights or simply walk and see the sights on your own. The hotel is located in the center of Charleston's historic district, so it's very easy to walk a block or two and see some amazing historical sights! Bringing a spouse with you? The best shopping in Charleston is available on King street, just one block from the hotel, along with Marion Square, the Citadel and much more!

If you're finally ready to take your business to the next level,

this is a must-attend event for you…

You can guarantee your seat for this once-in-a lifetime event for only 7. Once your seat is reserved, we’ll send Fed-Ex to deliver your invoice for the remaining balance of ,000. The balance is due upon receipt and must be paid prior to attendance. (We will not take payments at the event, sorry.) You may remit the balance by check, money order or a combination of both. A return pre-addressed Fed-Ex envelope is included for your convenience. Simply call for pick up at no charge to you.

Don't delay in reserving your spot today. We only have 12 positions available for this groundbreaking retreat and, due to the overwhelming demand in other cities, it could be months or even years before we offer this opportunity again.

Simply ask yourself, "Is a one-time investment worth the explosive growth of my business I know this will give me?" 

If you answered “yes,” then YOU are one of the few we                                   want to work with. Reserve your seat now…

at Historical Citadel Embassy Suites
337 Meeting St
Charleston, United States

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