The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence

Google Tech Talks September 2, 2008 ABSTRACT We have been brought up to believe that the mind is located inside the head. But there are good reasons for thin…
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23 thoughts on “The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence

  1. You are plainly and by all evidence a fucked up jackass scumbag who should go bury his head in shit. Yes, your mother is a whoring slut to have given birth to you.

  2. haha, no. Usually she only calls if really something is happening. And I usually also don’t jump up and run to somebodys house in the middle of a conversation with other people 🙂 “This is not the type of evidence that’s going to be scientifically compelling.” Sure, but this is the point where a real scientist should start to think about how is this possible and start experiments. Dozends have done this, creating experiments controlled environments. You just ignore facts.

  3. thousands of results with a statistical evidence is a measurement, too. Telepathy has 33% better hitrate as random. The evidences are there, but people like you don’t look at the results. So it is true as I say nothing can convince you.

  4. “But I guess nothing can convince you” Odd. I’m remarkably easy to convince. Climb to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Drop a heavy ball and a light ball. Measure the time it takes for them to hit the ground. That’s all I need for you to convince me of the counter-intuitive notion that light things fall as fast as heavy things. That goes against what makes sense to me – but the evidence convinces me that my intuition is wrong. So – convince me. But your anecdotes fail the evidence test.

  5. First, a clue. Your best friend probably shouldn’t be distracting you with phone calls in the middle of a traffic crisis. Second, your best friend may well have a habit of randomly calling people with dire warnings – some of those warnings may come true, and they become important. This is not the type of evidence that’s going to be scientifically compelling.

  6. OK, just found out I already told you this last story. But I guess nothing can convince you. As you are a typical religious fundamentalist. If you just would look at the data…… and the lot of different scientific organisation with high reputation who came to the conclusion there IS telepathy….. Here is an evidence that even MRT scan on reciever is positve in visual cortex if the stimulus is on the sender. deanradin(.)com/papers/IntJYoga1266-7404602_203406.pdf

  7. Another case. I sit at home with some guests. I hadn’t heared anything about my best friend for days. Suddenly I feel panic from her. As I had no money on my prepaid phone, I jumped up and told my visitors I have to leave. I ran from my flat 3 km to her flat. In that moment I turned into her street she called me “Come to me immidiatley! My ex is in front of my house!” I sayed “I am already there, one minute!” She “OK great fine” Just two examples.

  8. English is not my native language. And in fast writing mistakes happen. But such critism is common on fundamentalists like you. OK, explain this. I am on a three lane highway middle lane, left lane ends. Somebody realized it too late, I had nearly an accident. In this particular moment my biest fried calls me, very feavered and cries into the phone: “Right lane, FAAAST!”. I told her “It already happened, we are ok”. It was her land line 200km away from me…..

  9. “Then explain this with your proteine fully biological hradware theory” Sure. As soon as you can explain your tragic inability to use even rudimentary spell-checking in the 21st century. Sheesh. Hey, I had a dream that you died in a tragic auto-erotic asphyxiation, with Justin Bieber photos scattered around you. So – are you dead? No? Then maybe, just maybe, my brain, like your brain, is constantly making predictions – and when one of millions of those comes true we blow it out of proportion.

  10. And, as usual, some snot with even less to add to the discussion feels obligated to waste time, energy and bandwidth on a comment that contributes less than zero to the dialogue. Bravo.

  11. I was giving this guy a chance and was willing to go along with his out there theories but when he picked on Randy I saw red. The only people who dislike Randy are fakes and idiots. Randy is the only sane voice in a crowd of disinformation and down right poppy-cock. If anyone could pass his challenge they wouldn’t need his million dollars. If I could pass his test you would never know it. Only a fool would bring that kinda spotlight on them. In closing my #1 rule: Shit happens & no one knows why

  12. hellyeah!!! exactly what i am thinking! this human may surely be someone who will be thought of as ahead of his time like newton or even Einstein, such people are rare, they think outside of the box, unlike the status quo and are for that rejected.

  13. As ususal, almost all the comments here are just people trying to impose their view over another one’s. Nothing new here, no discussion at all. Well done.

  14. Yeah, you don’t have anything to say to me because you know everything I just told you about yourself and your fellow suppressive materialists is true. I REALLY suggest educating yourself in ALL aspects of this very anomalous subject before you go ridiculing it, and thinking you know all the answers. Because from what you demonstrate, calling it non-scientific, is that you are just ignorant of the study.

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