The Far Right Updates Its Online Image

The Far Right Updates Its Online Image
A screenshot of a YouTube video by far-right group the "Immortals." Right-wing extremists in Germany are copying the methods of the leftist protest culture. Wearing masks like those of activists with the group "Anonymous," they are organizing flash …
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YouTube's PS3 app arrives (very) fashionably late to Europe
If you arrive so late to a party that your dress is now out of style, that's pushing it a bit, no? Such is the case with YouTube's PlayStation 3 app, which finally made it across the pond dressed in the same threads we saw way back in August of last …
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Google launches YouTube TV channel with UK's Freesat
U.K. customers can already watch YouTube on internet-connected TVs or with Apple TV, but the Freesat partnership brings YouTube content to a larger audience: Freesat announced that it's just sold its three millionth box, though not all of those are …

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