The First Emperor of China (Man Who Made China)

The First Emperor: The Man Who Made China follows the rise and fall of Chin Shi Huang, China’s legendary first emperor. Download the whole 90 minute movie fr…
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  1. this documentary was hilarious XD, especially at the end when he was taking those mercury pills and started hunting for giant fish in the water lol

  2. We thank the scholars, intellectuals and aristocrats of his time who courageously risked their fortunes and their lives trying to hide books and documents detailing parts of Chinese history that had existed long before this Qin Emperor and his ego when he ordered all these to be burnt and those who opposed to be put to death, for otherwise we would not have known anything that had happened before him other than rumours and guesses.

  3. He also lived in constant fear of assassinations after having survived twice on full contact and had to change place every few hours and sleep in a different place every night, never mind his mercurial slurps too for long life that never came.

  4. The blood of the First Emperor runs through my veins as I am from Gansu. The ancestral home for the First Emperor. And I am actually from his Zhao Clan.

  5. Qin Shi Huang is one of the most cruel dictator Chinese King! He ordered to burn books & bury alive teachers! He treated his Chinese people as slaves! In many decades, he used many thousands Chinese to build his Mansions & tomb. He ordered to bury alive many people in his grave in order they would be his servants in his next live ! He’s real a barbarian cruel Chinese King!

  6. Read history, it wasn’t one country, one people, one language, one system,he made it so. Yet even today there remains in China, many ethnic peoples with their own language and culture despite the efforts on many emperors and one would-be emperor, the late and unlamented Mao.

  7. This is the secret of great Qin Army. The ancestor of Qin army was Chou, Shang , Xia … Yellow Emperor Army. This why you can explain the Chinese language is same from time Yellow Emperor. 

  8. Face it people, call it invasion or shit I dont care. The strongest survives, and that is exactly what happens. Most of the modern states today are the result of massive invasion of smaller states by hegemonies

  9. China is America of the east. Both spilled blood to conquer lands. China got tibet, and US got Texas, california, hawaii, etc. Both the same.

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