The First Google Image Award

Rovigo (PRWEB) March 19, 2005 and Connecting Managers are happy to announce The First Google Image Award

The starting idea is very simple:

There were a lot of Awards about every usual search engine. Google Image is one of the more used search engine and there aren’t awards about it. The regulation of The First Google Image Award

We accept only registered users (the registration is free). To register your self send us by email ( your name, your surname, your email address, your phone, the name of your image and its location (the URI).

The special sentence is bevanda celestiale (celestial drink). Everyone has to use the italian sentence bevanda celestiale. You can use this sentence e.g. with wine (the drink of Bacco).

09/10/2005, September 10 2005 at the 12.00 am of Greenwich (GMT) we’ll verify on Google Image Search the winner with the special sentence bevanda celestiale If there are not registered users in the first positions the end of the award will be posponed of six months.

Connecting Managers is a partner of the award and 09/14/2005 they will organize the awarding of prizes at Asolo Golf Club. Soon we will comunicate the prizes. We are looking for sponsors.

Connecting Managers


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