The Five Most Terrifying Robots in Google’s Arsenal

Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) — Google has purchased animal-robot maker Boston Dynamics. From a robotic cheetah to a 330 pound robotic humanoid, Bloomberg takes a loo…

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15 Responses to The Five Most Terrifying Robots in Google’s Arsenal

  1. king shaman says:

    amazing! white people finally found something that can outrun the fastest black man!

  2. MrKeyboardCommando says:

    Bloomberg News; synonymous with Total Bollocks.

  3. TheWhiteOne says:

    Why should it be terrifying ?

  4. Pedro H says:

    How many times are we fucked over?

  5. Ryoga2K says:

    I saw Boston Dynamics robots years ago, and yeah I found it was kind of scary that they would be used for military purposes, what I don’t get is, why do Google wants them?

  6. Ricard Torres says:

    *The future is interesting and scary* When I see Google work on this robots I just can think “Wow, that’s so cool!” Terminator comes to mind and well, we might not be that far behind. Think about it, what stops the governments to use this “mule” or “petman” robots as a military force? You just need to add some machine and they’re ready to kill. You could think of a million good reasons to build this robots. They could mean a big deal of help to certain areas or countries in need. I’d love to see this inventions through but I don’t trust what other companies or corporations might do with this technology. *What do you think?*

  7. Brian Griffin says:

    Google is Skynet. 

  8. Jenny Tokumei says:

    Google is preparing to build Android powered androids, people!

  9. Craig Zimmerman says:

    Eventually machines will be smarter and more capable than humans and we will be obsolete.

  10. David Krongard says:

    Coming to an American police-state near you folks; guess I’d better start looking for some AP Raufoss ammo if it hasn’t already been bought up by now.

  11. Sheilah Ann Keziah says:

    GooooGle has too much time on their hands I think? And, I betcha the purchase price was decent, Yeh….The cost was ALL of their data theyve been collecting on US all this time, Yeh…Thats a fair deal eh? Excuse me but…BITE ME GOOOOOGLE! Peace!

  12. Kevin Frushour says:

    This was fun run through the bennyhillifier.

  13. Chris Caldwell says:

    OMFG its technology! EVERYONE RUN!

  14. Cosmondico says:

    2 SPOOKEY 4 ME

  15. Zacchary Townsend says:

    Google owns 12 robotics companies and this person can only pick off of Boston Dynamic’s robots. Weak. Besides, nothing scary about them. More use can come of them than harm really. Used in war for replacement to soldiers to prevent loss of life to a personal aide that goes shopping for your bed ridden grandmother. Security personnel for a music concert to a leader of a country. While harm can and will come from them such as everything made by humans does, you have to focus on the good they can do. Is a car a means of transport or a battering ram first?

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