The Fluid Sealing Association Offers A Special Webinar Series Called Compression Packing: Modern Technology In An Ageless Product.

Wayne, PA (PRWEB) September 02, 2012

The Fluid Sealing Association has announced a new webinar series called Compression Packing: Modern Technology in an Ageless Product. It will be offered in September and October of 2012. This webinar series is directed to a broad range of audiences including plant maintenance, engineering and operations. It is also useful for manufacturers of OEM equipment and distributors charged with technical support in a wide range of industries.

EGC Enterprises, Inc., a recognized world leader in engineering and manufacturing of graphite composites for high temperature applications in fluid sealing, played an integral role in the development of the curriculum. Packing has been around since hemp rope was used to fill a stuffing box, said EGC Sales Engineer, Thom Jessup. But in todays market, fugitive emissions regulations continue to evolve and were all responsible for sealing all forms of toxic media running at very high operating temperatures and pressures, he continued.

Now you can learn how a traditional sealing method has been updated and renewed to fulfill todays requirements in terms of performance and emission control. This three part webinar series provides extensive coverage of a wide range of topics including the latest technical improvements in packing materials and construction and their performance parameters. From proper selection for applications to safe installation best practices, trouble shooting and environmental control, the course provides practical and factual information. Packing for valves, pumps and a variety of specialty equipment are reviewed. Methods of packing manufacture and function are described, and technical references including standards will be discussed.

The schedule for the series is as follows:

Session 1 (September 18th @ 2pm EDT): Materials and Methods of Construction

Session 2 (October 2nd @ 2pm EDT): Compression Packing Application and Installation

Session 3 (October 16th @ 2pm EDT): Standards and Regulations for Compression Packing

The registration fee is $ 50 per webinar. Attendees may register online at

The Compression Packing Technical Manual, 3rd edition, is available for purchase at the time of registration. A hard copy will cost $ 40.00 and a PDF format, which would be emailed, is $ 25.00.

Members of the Compression Packing Division of the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) have prepared the material presented in this webinar series. FSA is an international trade association founded in 1933. Members are involved in the production and marketing of virtually every kind of fluid sealing device in the world today, including mechanical packings, gaskets, seals and expansion joints. Its membership, composed of the foremost companies of the industry, represents over eighty-five percent of the North American Market.

For further information, visit our web site at, e-mail at info(at)fluidsealing(dot)com or call Hope Silversmith at 610-971-4850.

Corporate Information

EGC Enterprises, Inc. is a Fluid Sealing Association Member, and a curriculum sponsor of the webinar series promotion. EGC is a recognized world leader in engineering and manufacturing of graphite composites for high temperature applications in fluid sealing and thermal systems management.

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