The Funniest Questions on Yahoo Answers!

The Funniest Questions on Yahoo Answers!

If you’ve ever been on Yahoo Answers! you know how ridiculous those questions can be. But just because a question is ridiculous, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve an answer! HHS #075 SUBSCRIBE…

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14 Responses to The Funniest Questions on Yahoo Answers!

  1. That_guy says:

    Did anyone else look in the discription for Candace ‘s phone number

  2. SarcasticAdventurer says:

    Yahoo answers is a valuable learning resource.

  3. The Jagged Axe says:

    “Either you don’t know how to read, or you haven’t seen butts.” -Shannon 2015

  4. Peter Gilroy says:

    Poop cottage FTW

  5. Marissa Noelle says:

    Shrek isn’t my type; I wouldn’t date him, but he is really hot.

  6. Steven Nolan says:

    Shannon’s hair was killin it this episode!

  7. DaMaris Voyles says:


  8. kai eversfield says:

    I remember seeing this question and it was “Do Canadians use toilet paper” In the description the person said his dad told him that it was against our religion and stuff. so everyone in the comments said that we either use maple leaves or our hands. and after all that he said “Oh, I didn’t know they didn’t use toilet paper. thanks for the help” *Face Palm*

  9. KillerZeli says:

    Sponges are the answer to global warming and rising seas!

  10. milocow44 says:

    I saw a funny question. It said “Help! I think I’m turning into a fish!” or something like that.

  11. Frankie Jacobs says:

    GOD invented Thunder to cover up his farts! 

  12. Stefan Stojkovski says:

    Where’s Doctor Coca Cola? Fine, i’ll do his job for him… “Candace is love, Candace is life”

  13. thehappiestcamper says:

    Shrek is like a solid 6 and 1/2.

  14. HannierzHangover says:

    i’ve lived in Florida my ENTIRE life and have yet to come across a sponge shop

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