The Futility of American Political Journalism

The Futility of American Political Journalism
The implicit premise of a presidential campaign is that the position is so uniquely powerful that every one of its serious aspirants should be subject to the most proctological of examinations over the course of 18 months. … We have endless …
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​South Korea to remove 90 percent of ActiveX by 2017
South Korea plans to remove as much as 90 percent of ActiveX from the country's 100 most popular websites operated by private companies by 2017. ActiveX, a software framework released by Microsoft in 1996 to control functionality and feature-set …
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Germanwings: Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz researched suicide methods, cockpit doors
The two publications described the supposed video but did not post it on their websites. “One can hear cries of 'My God' in several languages,” Paris Match reported. “Metallic banging can also be heard more than three times, perhaps of the pilot trying …
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