The Future of Social Media Marketing w/ Gary Vaynerchuk

C’mon over to where the main discussion happens after the episode! Social media marketing is fast …

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19 Responses to The Future of Social Media Marketing w/ Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. Dawn Del Russo says:

    first..yes jersey!! second.. 2 of my favorite’s Marie and Gary! Great talk and tips! My jab daily style videos with useful fashion advice :) 

  2. Capture Your Flag says:

    A great new Marie Forleo interview w/ +Gary Vaynerchuk on his new book “Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook.” We love that Gary is building upon his introductory books and diving far deeper into social media branding and strategy, calling this book a 300-level course and including 80+ case studies. Make time to watch today or tomorrow. #MBA #socialmedia #garyvee #marieTV 

  3. Adelle Daughter says:

    I LOVE GARY. He even retweeted me once omg

  4. SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell says:

    What a cool interview with +Marie Forleo and +Gary Vaynerchuk about how social media marketing will develop and why caring still pays off :-) #socialmediamarketing #garyvaynerchuk 

  5. Sensual Appeal says:

    This guy is utterly brilliant. 

  6. Dagmar Gatell says:

    Love it! For sure one of your best videos on #marieTV, +Marie Forleo:-) I heard about +Gary Vaynerchuk but I never saw him in social media action before. Great content, great personality! Will get his new book about creating your #socialmediastrategy 

  7. VitalyTV says:

    Excellent ~ It just makes senses to adjust your message to the social media culture you are using. Marketing 101 :)

  8. Steve C. Hickman says:

    Wow, thanks for getting this guy on, I missed him. I will get his book this week.

  9. Total Noms says:

    LOVED this video. This is exactly something I’m struggling with as I work on growing my food blog along with my social media presence- like Marie said, it can be so extremely overwhelming with so many different networks out there. Contextualizing your posts for each platform is a great (albeit time-consuming!) way to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck with your messaging. In terms of my jabs, I’m “giving away” 2 free recipes per week on my blog and an original video recipe tutorial on my YouTube channel, which isn’t all that much of a jab since that’s what being a food blogger is all about. I am still working on what my hook is- since I primarily rely on ad revenue, the jabs end up being the hook in some ways. Thats part of why I’m trying to grow my social media efforts more, to be able to engage with my readers more than just weekly posts and videos, and hopefully take some cues from them on what content they want to see. Woof, sorry for the long comment… but thanks for everything you do and Happy Thanksgiving!!! -Mallory

  10. Lorri Ratzlaff says:

    GAHH!! I’m doing my #happydance today! My two worlds have collided! +Gary Vaynerchuk & +Marie Forleo together at last!! OMG this is amazing! #socialmedia training strategy marketing … EVERYTHING!! 

  11. Jean Richer says:

    One the day of his book release #jjjrh @GaryVee in an interview – a must watch! 

  12. Terrell Harris says:

    Thanks for this post Marie – Gary V gives great talks on his use of Social Media. I’ve implemented some of his strategies already

  13. Nikki Nicole says:

    +GaryVaynerchuk does no wrong in my eyes. He is a straight shooter & thats why I’m a fan. Thanks +Marie Forleo for this video.

  14. valerie dunning says:

    o my gosh he is so smart. I know you are smart and you sound smart , he just fired that stuff off and bam. awesome:)

  15. Monika Kovacs says:

    This’s been your best Mary xo

  16. T.M. Kennedy says:

    LOL Marie! I heard you say, ‘social medier” – seriously excellent interview, you both ah stahz.

  17. Amanda M. says:

    jab, jab, jab, and right hook your internet marketing

  18. Sibi Anand says:

    Say word to big bird. Two of my favorites +Gary Vaynerchuk and +Marie Forleoon how to tell your story in a noisy, social world. #JJJRH

  19. EMGTRAINING101 says:


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