The Gadget Show – Google Glass Preview

We got an exclusive first look at the hugely anticipated Google Glass thanks to the leading mobile solutions company Somo Global. See their thoughts on the d…
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22 Responses to The Gadget Show – Google Glass Preview

  1. dooovde says:

    Everyone hates people who use bluetooth headsets

  2. Matthew D says:

    Google glass would be a huge success if the pricing was affordable for your average consumer.

  3. Daniel Olsen says:

    I’ll get one, I actually think they look kinda cool, it wont get more noticed than a bluetooth headset is nowadays. but im weird, of course…

  4. Luke Dyson says:

    First foray into wearable technology that sits on our heads… What, like… Something that headphones or Bluetooth headsets didn’t do at least a decade or more ago?

  5. Mike Smile says:

    It’s no longer a secret that Google Glass can record video in 720p HD resolution and the concept of the glasses implements combination of three separate functions: augmented reality, mobile communication and internet video diary. Extension of the last function, “internet video diary”, is what underlies the development of project – a simple tool for online courses creation .

  6. John Clover says:

    Google glass have another great function!

  7. moniqueaki says:

    Eff the Google Glasses….Im a Maani Safa fan!!

  8. Xavier Passmore says:

    Either this or Spaceglasses

  9. koffieslikkersenior says:

    I’m not even going to think twice about letting google completely into my life. The little privacy there is left will

  10. GThoughTz1 says:

    That soo cool I want one.

  11. Mohammed Nadeem says:

    Tony Stark made it when he was 8

  12. dooovde says:

    I never said that about smart phones…this glasses mullarky is bound to fail I assure you…nobody with any senseof style will wear it. You might get the odd few still clinging to their Casio watch calculators who will but that’s about it. The future is with contact lenses doing similar…if the tech gets this small then there maybe some chance.

  13. TheaDragonSpirit says:

    “why we had it on our heads” What? No I am not for cyborg shit. Unless you mean some kind of 3d projection device then fine.

  14. Antiwarsdreamer says:

    This looks so futuristx

  15. Daniel Olsen says:

    you get lenses in the package, one pair clear and one shaded

  16. Daniel Olsen says:

    social media, google now, High tech bluetooth headset. The same was said when smartphones came out

  17. xChroniclesHub says:

    And? Let him count if he wants to. Why the insults? Also looking at the pictures he seems pretty young if it’s now him. So seriously, stop it. Kinda pathetic how people always gets angry over shit that dosen’t concern them.

  18. 8Jallin says:

    This is good for remote tech assistance

  19. dooovde says:

    I’m not a mechanic, I’m not a surgeon, I know where the things are in the place I spend 99% of my time. Why do I need this?

  20. Sam Gilfellan says:

    What they should of done it made it a proper par of glasses like sunglasses with a tv in it but that might be out of out time

  21. nilsie12 says:

    did you seriously count the comments..? Go fuck yourself

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