The Gervais Group Announces the Expansion of Its Content Marketing Services

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 30, 2013

The Gervais Group, a premier provider of e-commerce solutions since its founding in 2001, is pleased to announce the expansion of its content marketing services. The expansion of the service has multiple purposes; putting e-commerce websites in a position to take advantage of changing parameters used by search engines to determine the rankings of web pages as well as to expand reach, build authority, and ultimately grow revenues from social networks.

In its most basic form, content marketing serves to generate regular communications between businesses and the customers in their target markets with an objective of delivering valuable information without trying to sell products. The ongoing result of a successful content marketing campaign is the conversion of potential customers to consumers as the business enhances its perception as a trustworthy entity and communicates value of its products.

This type of marketing runs counter to the traditional methodology of one way communications generated by a business and directed to their markets through television, radio and printed media. Instead, the most successful content marketing services take a position of Give first, get later, distributing content that has relevance and value to foster engagement and sharing of informational pieces by their targeted market. While content marketing has always been an important aspect of search engine optimization, it now sits at the foundation of building a successful social media presence as well. In fact, trying to implement the traditional approach of one way communications on social networks is basically seen as a non-starter due to their culture of two way conversation.

The Gervais Group has expanded its content marketing services to incorporate a multi-media approach which, in addition to text-based content development, email marketing, and the publication of customer oriented newsletters, includes videos, images, and podcasts. The ability to deliver messaging using a variety of media options enables content to be presented in its most advantageous format while also presenting opportunities to re-purpose high value pieces for distribution through multiple media formats.

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