The Gervais Group Announces Upgrades and Additional Services on its Recently Upgraded Website

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 27, 2013

The Gervais Group, a recognized innovator in the design of e-commerce strategies, is pleased to announce the availability of new, enhanced and expanded services on its recently upgraded website. The new services are designed to address the evolution of search engine algorithms, the escalation of mobile devices accessing the web, and the necessity of incorporating social networks as a means of communication and customer acquisition.

The enhanced and additional services offered on the new website include:

Full spectrum content marketing With high quality content taking the center stage for SEO, social media optimization, and customer acquisition initiatives, company messaging has to be presented in its optimal format to provide the best user experience possible. Incorporating a variety of mediums, including text-based, video, and podcasts, can ensure that the content is framed in such a way that it clearly communicates the messaging of the company while also being viewed and shared by a maximum number of members within the target market.

Responsive website design Websites are now accessed by a variety of devices with screen sizes ranging from a few inches to a couple of feet across. A website designed with responsive architecture detects the type of device being used for access and organizes the content on each page to present an optimal viewing experience. Generally speaking, the most important content on each page is prioritized to facilitate a logical simplification process with messaging that remains on-point as the viewing screen of device used for access gets smaller.

Expanded social media marketing Participation in social networks has become a necessity for e-commerce sites, but the process of developing a social media presence that generates optimal results requires planning and research. The new social media marketing services first determine the networks that will be most receptive and then map out strategies designed to facilitate communication, engagement, trust and branding with the existing target market.

Commenting on the expanded services Jason Gervais, Senior Project Manager at the Gervais Group, said These new and expanded services are designed specifically to put e-commerce sites in a position to capitalize on new and existing opportunities. He added, The companies that move the fastest to adapt to changes on the web are often the ones that reap the greatest rewards.

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