The Google app: Dream

Ok Google, do dogs dream?” Talk to Google to get answers, find stuff nearby, and get things done. The Google app. Available on iOS and Android. Go to…

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16 Responses to The Google app: Dream

  1. Sascha Em says:

    #GoogleSearch with hotword “OK Google”. *Available since long time. Just saying. **#HeySiri*

  2. Andrew W says:

    OK Google 

  3. Ian Tang says:

    Ok Google.

  4. Derek Leung says:

    Just tried “Do dogs dream” on Google Now… you liar, it is not saying the same thing as in the video!

  5. Bill Yeah says:

    Since when do dogs dream about similar things as humans? I’m pretty sure they’ll eat their own shit if you let them

  6. TheCrazyBanker says:

    A cant be leave that they but the Bixby spartans football team in the commercial. I live there!!! 

  7. Rick Ramo says:

    I never would have imagined a dog would dream about burning a powerball jackpot with a hot blonde.

  8. Lee Jarratt says:

    Ok Google.

  9. janderson2000 says:

    Yeah, dogs dream about “similar” things to humans. I’m sure they have all sorts of shopping while naked or being late for work dreams.

  10. sorel93 says:

    To bad it doesn’t really work outside of the states.

  11. ed lorens says:

    I love it

  12. Guillaume Poquet says:

    “Ok Google, did we just rip off Siri ads ?”

  13. ana maria agra says:

    Parábens google

  14. Mark Wagner says:

    “Teachers, focus on the non-Google-able questions.” +Suan Yeo #gafesummit The Google app: Dream

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