The Google Job Experiment

When top advertising creative directors Googled themselves, they got a message from me asking for a job. Download a high res Quicktime of the experiment here: More of my work here: My tweets here
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19 thoughts on “The Google Job Experiment

  1. People in the entertainment industry probably would (trying to see reviews/praise for recent work). Hell, even I’ve googled myself before starting job searching to make sure not shit is associated with me that I’ve posted online before.

  2. That’s so creative. Such an act would impress anyone… 🙂 If I were from HR, I would look for you even if the ad weren’t directed to me. Thanks for sharing your experiment!

  3. “They have to sweat all day in some stinking factory making disposable cigarette lighters or everlasting Christmas trees, by Christ, they’re entitled to them! They’re entitled to any innovation technology brings. Whether it’s ten percent more of it or fifteen percent off of it, they’re entitled to it! They’re entitled to one of four important new ingredients! Why should anyone have to clean their teeth without important new ingredients?” – Dennis Bagley, How to get Ahead in Advertising.

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