The Google Search Appliance takes Universal Search to New Levels

The new Google Search Appliance provides a bridge to connecting public information to internal data sources, keeping search results in context. Aimed at larger companies, this product addresses key needs – information discovery and utilisation. More and more businesses have started using cloud based apps from Google and others. The Google Search Appliance lets people search across both on-premise and cloud-based content from a single search box, delivering more comprehensive results and improving productivity. Google sites People Search and Dynamic Navigation are two key enhancements that increase employee productivity. We expect to report more on cloud based applications, systems and service providers in future editions of our news. Ifyou would like to get the latest on how to combine Search, Social Media and Video to get a 40% boost to your next film, event or album launch, get in touch here on YouTube or call us in the UK on +44 207 953 8304, we would love to discuss how we can help you and talk you through a number of our best and most recent case studies.

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