The Google Toilet: SuperNews!

Google has finally developed technology that can literally sift through your sh*t. Watch more SuperNews! VIEW more SuperNews! clips & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here…
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25 Responses to The Google Toilet: SuperNews!

  1. brayanlumbrebl90 says:

    soy mexicano y todos ustedes son marikas

  2. Олекса Довбуш says:

    заставляет задуматься, пора переходить их гугл хрома

  3. MASTERLINKX1 says:

    its we’re you fucking bastard

  4. cameronthompson999 says:

    hm something doesnt smell right in here…

  5. gilo1223 says:

    its funny because its happening. “The raids” js

  6. lutzdify says:

    Tell everyone to Stop using google, facebook, orkut, and get jawed back!!! DEATH TO LEERING SNOOPING KIKES BRIN AND SCHMIT!!!!!

  7. Josh Ochoa says:

    What happend to the bill of rights

  8. Nap Liang says:


  9. jimbosteve7 says:

    i would tell that toilet to use its hands to…umm…nevermind

  10. Richard schwartz says:

    nazigassings . com

  11. GreewichPanda says:

    True dat! Where is an anti-trust lawyer when you really need one?

  12. ROXjustice says:

    Tht guy looks pregnant

  13. Justin R says:

    Bring back supernews

  14. CognitiveNetwork says:

    Consistency means everything.

  15. Cosminel81 says:

    wow i really need to see this comment????

  16. WarmachineVengeance says:

    Scary thing is there’s more truth in this vid than most ppl realize

  17. lovehahadavid says:


  18. Willem654 says:

    1:27 The toilet has hands and @ 1:37 Being broadcasted on youtube

  19. Willem654 says:

    I came here from another video about google with a darth vader face at the end. I don’t like ads I have adblock ,so even if they show ads I won’t see them, I also use siteblock to block sites that open ads pages about winning an phone or something wich will cost about 3,- with subscription a week scams. I LOVE AD FREE BROWSING. The weird thing about this video is how true it all is.

  20. tokingas1 says:

    go to my channel I made part 2 😉

  21. MF91ADL says:

    yet another step closer to the striping of free speach ,shame on you google

  22. mimi2cute1990 says:

    I love it

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