The Greatest Event in Television History (Special)

The Greatest Event in Television History is a 15-minute special that stars Adam Scott and Jon Hamm.

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24 Responses to The Greatest Event in Television History (Special)

  1. TheLonelyOutlaw says:

    To people nit picking about the details, even gus van sant said its impossible to get it 100% accurate.

  2. Lonestar327 says:

    Yes $25 million, 30 of it went to the actual project the rest they blew on cocaine and hookers

  3. Real0Cool0Time says:


  4. Robert Griffin says:

    Who knew Lance Bangs could do more than vomit behind a camera.

  5. only257 says:

    hiliarous spoof of simon and simon

  6. MrAstartes7 says:

    damn, that WAS amazing…

  7. Bigtime1998 says:

    Simon and Simon isn’t a TV show, it’s a way of life..

  8. camarocoons says:

    this is hilarious and amazing, but they have a 1956 chevy in this recreation and in the original they drive a 1957

  9. SW34R3NG3N says:

    effing hilarious. Rudd was funny. I got a fever … and the only cure is … more cowbell In conclusion, Simon and Simon are not brothers in real life, but only in television.

  10. Bhoysingreen8493 says:

    RIP Jon Hamm

  11. theunderscorecp says:

    I did a side-by-side comparison and it’s pretty dead on. RIP Jon Hamm.

  12. Prozacanada says:

    If you don’t think this was the greatest event in television history, just remember – Jon Hamm died for this.

  13. onvogmasaj says:

    lance bangs? from jackass? fred fuchs?

  14. g4mehipp0 says:

    Troll successful.

  15. Mario E. Zugasti says:

    @8:55 they are on the northbound lanes if I-5 by the Pacific Highway exit close to Lindberg field. In the original intro they are on the southbound lanes of I-5 by the Coronado bridge. I wonder if they couldn’t pin point that location. But it’s still a good recreation of the Simon and Simon intro.

  16. John Cleary says:

    This is pretty awesome. Big Adam Scott fan. Big Paul Scheer fan.

  17. violenceinc says:

    i remember the countdown clock when i saw it on tv was like 3 hours they got rid of it

  18. violenceinc says:

    I lelk dis humor makes laugh time!!!!!

  19. TheROSTOVripper says:

    Chick Magee sent me here! FANTASTIC!

  20. MrStrongTusky says:

    Hilarious! I love that adult swim gets A list actors to do stuff like this.

  21. Foobitz says:

    these two brothers, shirtless… going around San Diego, exploring each other’s bodies, AND solving crimes I mean that’s the way it should be told, let’s have some fun

  22. GuppyOdyssey says:

    Semen on Semen

  23. alpacamafia says:

    I hope this video is the last thinkg I watch before I die.

  24. FSquid says:

    I’m so sorry you are so cold inside. Have you considered getting inebriated?

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