The history of technology in education

A quick look at how advancements in technology have impacted teaching and learning over time.

14 thoughts on “The history of technology in education

  1. Sometimes I feel like the internet made me very lazy. Before I even had a computer some 7 years ago I worked very hard at maths, I did everything by hand, today kids use calculators to do the same problems I did in my brain and its obvious they don’t comprehend some of the math involved :/

  2. We were taught these principles at an early age, so it is our responsibility to remember them and practice them in the future. At this time and age of our society we cannot afford to do long division or multiplication simply because we can. Our society has grown to the point where how we learn new material is completely different from previous methods. We’re evolving, and so we have to adapt to our evolutionary paths, we can’t stick to one form of learning because that would be counterproductive

  3. These very technologies may, in fact, be harmful to the learning process. Take for example the calculator, in the past, students had to complete difficult mathematical calculations by hand, and in that process would learn a great deal about the workings of numbers. Nowadays, however, students merely need to push a few buttons to find the same results without ever achieving an understanding of the underlying mathematical principles at work.

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