The Homeowners Consumer Center Announces a Way for Honest Mortgage Broker Firms to Grow Their Businesses In the Top 100 US Metro Areas

Washington, DC (PRWEB) July 13, 2009

For over five years the Homeowners Consumer Center has been fighting for better consumer protection when it comes to US consumers financing, or refinancing a home. The focus of this has been US banks, or mortgage bankers that have no disclosure requirements related to yield spread premiums. According to Homeowners Consumer Center, “This puts the consumer at a huge disadvantage, because they have no way of understanding pricing, or real costs. In order to level the playing field, the Homeowners Consumer Center is initiating a recommended honest mortgage broker program in each of the top 100 US metro areas.” The group says, “There is a catch; the brokerage firm has to be medium to large, based in the actual metro area, value its integrity, have a squeaky clean reputation, and be 100% honest with their clients. This is an enormous marketing opportunity, with modest fee for participation.” Interested mortgage brokerage firms can call the Homeowners Consumer Center at 866-714-6466 or visit their web site at

The program will include the following:

Weekly national press releases that will recommend individuals wishing to refinance, or finance a home, to use the endorsed mortgage brokerage firm in their metro area, by visiting the Homeowners Consumer Centers web site. (

According to the Homeowners Consumer Center, “Most homeowners, or consumer have no clue as to who to call, when financing or refinancing their home. Our top 100 metro area honest broker branding program will give them that clue & increase the mortgage brokers business. Within six months we will be among the top web sites, when someone Goggle’s financing or refinancing in our nations 100 top metro areas.”

The branding campaign will start with a one time only specific press release, where the Homeowners Consumer Center endorses the actual mortgage brokerage company, and recommends homeowners, or consumers in that metro area use that mortgage brokerage firm. This press release in itself will be an invaluable marketing tool.
Each press release will include, web site links, to the web site’s Honest Broker Program, where the consumer can get specific phone numbers for the mortgage brokerage firm, along with specific contact information. Each press release will contain the Homeowners Consumer Centers endorsement and recommendation.
The weekly press releases and endorsements will be updated with specific new information about the mortgage brokerage firm, and why residents of their metro area should use their service.
Important Note: This program is not a get rich quick lead generation scheme; It’s about consumers being educated about mortgage firms that are ethical & honest in their metro area. The Homeowners Consumer Center says, “Our weekly press releases will drive business to you, because consumers typically have no way of find an honest mortgage lender in their area.”

According to Homeowners Consumer Center, “We want to create an easy to understand pathway for consumers to find an actual honest mortgage lender in their metro areas. We think our press releases will create a great branding platform for the participating mortgage brokerage firms. 2009 & 2010 are going to be tough for all mortgage lenders. This will be a great way to drive business to mortgage brokerage firms, that value their reputations, and their customers.” The primary focus of this campaign will be A, or Alt A borrowers. Interested & established mortgage brokerage firm owners can call Homeowners Consumer Center anytime at 866-714-6466 for more information, or contact the group via its web site at

According to the Homeowners Consumer Center, “There has never been a undertaking of this magnitude, or with this kind of quality. This initiative is all about driving A or Alt A borrowers to one, or two high quality mortgage brokerage firms in their metro areas.” The group says, “This campaign is about branding, and after 12 months, this program will pay for itself many times over, in what could be the most competitive and difficult mortgage market in recent times. This is all about creating a positive experience for the consumer, and a big win for the participating ethical and honest mortgage brokerage firm.”

For more information about this important initiative, its costs, and specific details for mortgage brokerage firms please, contact Homeowners Consumer Center at 866-714-6466 or visit their web site at

Note to real estate agents: If you know of an honest mortgage broker in your area, please share this press release with them.

Note: First come, first serve.


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