The incredibly fast rise of Sundar Pichai

The incredibly fast rise of Sundar Pichai
When Google announced that it had built a Web browser on Labor Day in 2008, the event represented something of a coming out party for Sundar Pichai, a little-known and soft-spoken middle manager at the company. Based on how the launch went, no one …
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Google Fit app arrives, poised to take on Apple's HealthKit
The app, which connects to your existing Google account, functions as a central dashboard for tracking fitness and health goals. Like HealthKit, Google Fit taps into the sensors in your smartphone to keep tabs on daily activities like steps and active …
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Montreal woman wins cash from Google for Street View cleavage
The unnamed woman was photographed sitting on the front steps of a Montreal home wearing a low-cut top and checking her phone on May 8, 2009. Five months later, when the images were uploaded to Google's Street View maps, the woman was horrified …
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