The Inevitable Result of Robot Surgery

The Inevitable Result of Robot Surgery
I'll say up front that I have no particular knowledge of the safety of robot assisted surgery, the long-term health effects, or its impact on the medical and patient community, other than the fact that the Wikipedia article on it has no less than four …
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Weekend reading: Navigating treatment; Can a robot replace your doctor?
Your pathology report indicates that you have stomach cancer. Hearing those words conveying yet another cancer-related diagnosis-;my fourth since the age of 20-;I felt, at the age of 57, as though I had been airdropped into a foreign country. Once …

iRobot to deliver rugged, throwable FirstLook robot to Army
The Army has awarded a $ 14.4 million contract to iRobot to furnish a rugged, throwable robot designed for combat missions and special operations. Under the contract, the company will deliver the FirstLook robot system, spare part kits and robotic …
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