The Internet’s Most Viewed Independent Religious Music Video‬ – (free download at our website)

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25 thoughts on “The Internet’s Most Viewed Independent Religious Music Video‬ – (free download at our website)

  1. No my friend alexbr88 you’r wrong!!! You think that we’r come from the monkeys just because we eat bananas?? ja….the carbon 14 never will say what it the age of the world

  2. Not every thing in life is about money……I have turned down chances to hange my art because they wanted me to remove what make it Gods ..Faith and the reason I do what I do. My rewards are in heaven >>>God Bless

  3. it is pathetic that in 2012,after all the scientific discoveries and after all the collective knowledge gathered, many people still believe in an imaginary person and discriminate on others which do not believe or believe in another imaginary person. wake up,you monkeys,the church is here to brain wash you and to control your every action

  4. Are we Americans truly this dense? It’s amazing that such great country can have such utterly foolish people. May God have mercy on your soul. I hope your xenophobia eventually gets cured.

  5. May God Have Mercy On Us All. Obama or Not. Evil does exist among us. It’s just not that obvious. The Roman Empire Fell. So shall we all fall. I don’t have answers. Forgive me for my transgressions.

  6. there is a very simple reason why the president has to be a natural born citizen of parents who are citzens. this is in the constitution so as to not have a foriegn group conspire and bred someone to take over and trash this constitution, but then again, bush trashed it up real good so obama could finish it off,,,,,,,two sides, same coin, wake up to the conspiracy folks.

  7. also….You DO have the freedom to leave this country if you dont like it and you DO have the right and freedom to come back incase it doesn’t work out for you in another country….Can’t believe a US “dictator” would allow people that freedom.

  8. All I Can Say Is: Love Jesus Christ En Rejoice Urself In The Name Of The Lord! Love Jesus Christ En Repent Urself In The Name Of The Lord! Love Jesus Christ En Give Ur Soul In The Name Of The Lord! Peace Y’all En Try To Love One Another Right Now!

  9. Okay, I get the whole “religion” thing – and I have nothing against those who are religious, no matter what religion they belong to. But, really, don’t take the piss out of another’s religion. It makes all of you (religious people) look bad. Just because more people have a certain imaginary friend than another, it doesn’t mean that the imaginary friend is any more real. If you’re religious, please just shut up about it. No body wants to hear your bigoted comments.

  10. The vitriol that is expressed here is not coming from Christians. I am crippled and long for the days when I could climb mountains and roam in the stunning wilderness’ of the USA. A Muslim attacked me from behind on American soil. I forgive him and pray for his well being. I do this publicly right now. If there are Christians here, please pray as well. I am no saint. I will defend this country to my last breath. And so said my ancestors who fought the Brits in the Revolutionary War.

  11. All who are in politics are not true Christians. Even worse if you are muslim who kill you because you are not muslim. Luckily God is above such things. Politics and religion does not go hand in hand in God’s kingdom as you cannot serve two lords. There is only one God who rules despite what we do or vote (lol) God bless mankind.

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