The iPhone 5 vs 5 New Google Nexus Devices

The iPhone 5 vs 5 New Google Nexus Devices

Rumor Roundup: The iPhone 5 vs 5 New Google Nexus Devices For more information on seatbelt safety go here: Noah K tackles the biggest tech rumors of this week! In this episode: Get ready for the Fall 2012 Smartphone Wars, featuring iPhone 5 vs Google Nexus! The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has placed orders for 4″ displays to be used in their next-generation iPhone. Considering WSJ is Apple’s unofficial favorite leak target, they just might be on to something here..

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  3. if Android’s Jelly Bean could replace iOS 6 on an iPhone 5.. Mac hard drives can be partitioned- allowing you to boot in Mac OS, or Windows.. why not the same for freedom for the phones? I would buy an iPhone in a heartbeat, but for now, the Nexus line is winning. all consumers want are options!

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