The iPhone 5 vs 5 New Google Nexus Devices

The iPhone 5 vs 5 New Google Nexus Devices

Rumor Roundup: The iPhone 5 vs 5 New Google Nexus Devices For more information on seatbelt safety go here: Noah K tackles the biggest tech rumors of this week! In this episode: Get ready for the Fall 2012 Smartphone Wars, featuring iPhone 5 vs Google Nexus! The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has placed orders for 4″ displays to be used in their next-generation iPhone. Considering WSJ is Apple’s unofficial favorite leak target, they just might be on to something here..

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16 Responses to The iPhone 5 vs 5 New Google Nexus Devices

  1. Ricky Gosine says:

    im an apple fan but i think the nexus series is actually pretty impressive along with the glaxy SIII

  2. Landycai Cai says:


  3. syoukonosyoukogakiet says:


  4. Kai Pham says:

    It’s funny how “somebody” marked you as spam while your comment got 71 Likes.

  5. Andrew Esquivias says:

    wow! search ===> logans seat belt fail funny!

  6. Recklessnecklace says:

    oh fuck this shit!!

  7. RetlifDB says:

    It’s funny because using a phone wile driving is illegal in Canada… Smarten up USA.

  8. Mitchell Green says:

    I hate having to watch a advertisement before and during this show.

  9. orcboss1 says:

    talk talk talk bla bla bla boring man

  10. XDKX101 says:

    HAHAHAHAAHAH there you go again with the bullshitting. You really classify yourself as one of the biggest retards on Youtube, lmao. So you suddenly went from stupid force close comments and “iPhone ftw!” to “I use an Android, please dont make us look bad” again? Hahahaha you dumbass. If I see your tiny ass floating around somewhere else, Ill make sure to drop by and shut you up all over again. You iFanboys are so retarded, its hilarious.

  11. TheKerouacDon says:

    if Android’s Jelly Bean could replace iOS 6 on an iPhone 5.. Mac hard drives can be partitioned- allowing you to boot in Mac OS, or Windows.. why not the same for freedom for the phones? I would buy an iPhone in a heartbeat, but for now, the Nexus line is winning. all consumers want are options!

  12. zappedback says:

    Just FYI i have both Android and iOS devices. its little trolls like you that make Android look stupid i told you that before it hasnt sunk into your tiny mind yet. you never have anything of interest to say so im just going to ignore you from now on. Go troll somewhere else.

  13. XDKX101 says:

    Sad little failed troll. Try harder next time. On one video you reply to a pro Android comment with “Dont make us Android users look bad by making fun of iOS” and on another you go: “iOS ftw! Android sucks!” Hahahaha you sad fuck. Now stfu and crawl back into your iTard hole.

  14. Etim Akpan says:

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  15. XDKX101 says:

    Hahahah you sad little applefag. Go back to tugging Timmy, you’re of no use here. Hint: Next time, dont be such a moron 😉

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