The IT Crowd – Jen as a Translator

The IT Crowd - Jen as a Translator

Ignore the part where Roy is seen. I have forgotten to cut it :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to The IT Crowd – Jen as a Translator

  1. Khalikhalzit says:

    A slight homage to Catherine Tate, perhaps.

  2. asdf123605 says:

    even I ordered DVDs from London :)

  3. Doinghisbest says:

    Jen non parla l’italiano. Sta fingendo (molto, molto male!). Quello e’ lo scherzo.

  4. Thea Leigh Micallef says:

    I love this episode… although they should have found an actor who can actually speak Italian 😛

  5. SaphiraSiLva001 says:

    3:08 “Then get it out of heeeeeeeeeeeere!” I love Matt Berry’s voice. ^^

  6. cartmanofsp says:


  7. eschelar says:

    lol. Subtitles for the stupid people.

  8. cecasander says:

    Vienetta Fiat Punto undeed!

  9. Scoat says:

    Have you watched the show before? It’s exactly their type of humor to do this kind of thing. They don’t give “one bit” about the people whose language they are making fun of because that is part of the joke. It’s not a serious show and being offensive makes up for a portion of their humor. Just learn to take a joke; you’ll get a lot more out of life that way. It’s like people who say “G’day mate throw another shrimp on the barby!” in a crude Australian accent. It’s not true to life but a joke.

  10. god4506 says:

    HAHA no! Not in my generation atleast

  11. TrappedOnAnIsland says:

    Hahaha do Italians have no sense of humour…? :(

  12. TrappedOnAnIsland says:

    Glad to hear it! This is an extremely ignorant question I know but… I thought Indian people hated us? Sorry, I had to ask.

  13. god4506 says:

    The IT crowd is popular everywhere!!! I live in Bangalore and love IT crowd that’s in India

  14. Jack Alexander says:

    they aren’t making fun of the language, you fucking dolt.

  15. henno248 says:

    So what if it’s offensive to Italians and the guy isn’t speaking perfect Italian, its still funny to people who don’t speak Italian so why would they care? They’re not trying to make something that is also funny to Italians.

  16. theulair says:

    It DOESN’T MATTER for what audience it’s made. It’s still offensive. It shows that whoever made this movie didn’t give one bit about the people whose language they are making fun of. Seriously don’t you get this?

  17. henno248 says:

    You’re right they didn’t care about Italian people, that’s because it’s not made for Italians.

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