The Journey From Flat Page to Site Experience Bluehost Launches a New Site to Better Reflect Whats Going On Inside the Brand

Orem, UT (PRWEB) February 06, 2014

Redesigning a corporate website is a massive undertaking. The journey from design through development and launch can be filled with many challenges that require vision, collaboration, diplomacy and grit. There is a delicate balance between preserving the innovative aspects of the legacy site and taking advantage of new technologies and content management approaches. Thats the challenge that lay before Bluehost, an Endurance company (NASDAQ:EIGI), in designing and developing their new website,, which debuted this week.

One of the challenges facing the Bluehost team was crafting a new experience that resonated with their highly technical audience. While many subscribers would have been perfectly happy with a command-line interface (think green type on a black screen), the Bluehost team knew that they had to drastically streamline the user experience. In order for the most critical and qualified audience their subscribers to appreciate these changes, the new site needed to properly showcase the brands technical depth while allowing the marketing team to keep up with the pace of Bluehosts ongoing platform innovation.

Dan Handy, CEO at Bluehost says, Our old Bluehost website was too one dimensional. It didnt reflect the true value we bring to our subscribers or demonstrate the sophistication of the products we offer today. While it was perfectly adequate a few years ago, when we just offered basic web presence, it didnt fully reflect the dynamic role we play in providing solutions and advice to both small-to-medium sized businesses and developers. We needed to better emphasize the evolution of our brand by showcasing our cloud-enablement technology platform which offers everything from virtualized services to managed solutions, including an exciting new WordPress platform that we plan to launch in the very near future.

The new site ( more accurately captures the values of the brand and the dynamic environment in which it has always operated. We wanted to present ourselves in a consistent and cohesive way, says Paul Mosley, Brand and Marketing Director at Bluehost. We needed a place that was visually exciting where we could tell stories and offer perspective and clearly differentiated our value from the commodity offers in the category. However, this is only the beginning. We will be making more changes in the coming months with the input and help of our subscribers. A site like this is a work in progress.

The new website was designed and built for modularity enabling a steady flow of fresh content to an audience with a seemingly insatiable appetite for all things technical. Carousels provide the ability to change the entire tone of a page with powerful visuals and headline copy, while frequent posts in the blog educate and entertain. The mantra on the redesign was clean and accessible page experiences, says Mosley. This was very challenging given the qualities of our sophisticated platform. The new site features type that is more inviting, navigation that is clearer, help that is easier to find and iconography that replaces the outdated copy blocks.

One of the highlights of the new site is the revamping of the Official Bluehost Blog. In a nod to the Bluehost gadget-oriented audience, the February 3rd post features an infographic entitled, Gifts to Impress Your Techie Crush, which includes must-have Valentines Day gifts like a Google Chromecast and the Pebble Smart Watch (Click here to download the infographic). While the work on this blog continues, it has proven to be popular with subscribers as a source of news, education and entertainment, says Mosley.

Hari Ravichandran, CEO of Endurance International Group says, We have a strong house of brands at Endurance, with each one acting as a magnet for a particular audience and their preferences. This approach has been successful in serving the diverse needs of small businesses, designers and developers. However, we recognize that our websites need to do a better job communicating our distinct value to our subscribers. Were changing that this year, with a number of brands planning to launch new web experiences. It makes perfect sense that Bluehost, the tech geek of our Endurance family, leads the way.

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