The Last Enemy – Bloopers.avi

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13 Responses to The Last Enemy – Bloopers.avi

  1. Livvy Perci says:

    I’m tho thorry, there wath a thpider. There wath a thpider hanging

  2. Maisie Gold says:

    Wow! Benedict used to have a lisp! So cute. I came here to find my beautiful man, Robert Carlyle and my second fave man Benny!

  3. Alma Lou says:

    is. he. naked.. at 2:56 asdfghjklOMG HOLY JIZZLE OMGOMG NO. *ovaries explosion*

  4. Grace Cumberbatch says:

    I love when he snickers :3

  5. Dellta88 says:

    indeed he did

  6. kissmyasthma15 says:

    Benedict’s lisp is freaking ADORABLE ^w^

  7. ForeverDreamable says:

    Did Benedict have a lisp?!

  8. priya1992 says:

    Ohhh his lisp is so cuuuute!!!!!!! 2:10 x_x

  9. Nurys Astudillo says:

    my goodness! Thank you, HarryPotterAddict11 for pointing out he does have a lisp. I thought i was going crazy

  10. HarryPotterAddict11 says:

    that’s because his lisp is frEAKING ADORABLE

  11. Dellta88 says:

    At 3:30 did he make like he was lookin at those girl’s butts XD

  12. Dellta88 says:

    “Make them big and sticky”

  13. ScienceOfDeduction1 says:

    I think….that was Benedict. But I’m not entirely sure.

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