The Legend Of The Booty Coconut

The Legend Of The Booty Coconut

Legend Of The Booty Coconut a Song by 16 Booty St. FREE DOWNLOAD Created at the Northampton Community TV station ~Chorus~ B…

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19 Responses to The Legend Of The Booty Coconut

  1. Sawin Sambora says:


  2. ZaxIntel says:

    The Legend Of The Booty Coconut shal live on forever!

  3. The Dickstons says:

    I swear, we will make this video famous, nay, a legend.

  4. muffin shamwow says:

    Don’t you worry, this will become famous.

  5. Jenna Jordison says:

    I don’t know what the fuck this is, but it’s the best thing I have ever seen.

  6. orks4292 says:

    10hour version, now.

  7. d wolfy says:

    i fucking love this

  8. Binkus Barnes says:

    This is the finest of all arts.

  9. Caleb Rosazza says:

    I’m only 17 years old but I think this music is good. I don’t like to listen the jones brothers like most kids in my class. I guess I must just be an old soul :)

  10. Michael Laino says:

    Shaggy ?

  11. The Four of Us says:

    Is that shaggy

  12. Mike Barnes says:

    I don’t know. I … I just don’t. what

  13. Luka Limoges says:

    Too philosophic

  14. they linger says:

    this just makes me fell. better. we needed this.

  15. Sica Noctum says:

    Someone should have given that jungle the Apocalypse now treatment. That was a really pathetic way of saying :”look how funny we are”. Some shit should only be viewed in the home environment. 

  16. AwesomenessOnToast21 says:

    The pinnacle of human endeavour. 5 stars.

  17. Trevor May says:

    This is amazing

  18. bloodshed1791 says:

    This deserves a million views

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