The LEGO® Story

The LEGO® Story

As The LEGO Group celebrates its 80th Birthday, we take a look back at its history with this short animated film. Find out more here,
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  1. 191roach says:

    Great video. I just think lego recently began to contradict itself here as they are starting to move productions to China and source cheaper quality plastic. I really wish it wasn’t the case.

  2. Thetrolls42 says:

    Pretty good

  3. Fried Pickle says:


  4. Jereslifski says:

    that’s a good video

  5. TKRoussou says:

    LEGO is quite different today compared to the LEGO I played with as a child.

  6. kisha pravin says:

    no it is’nt

  7. MackentoshStudios says:

    This story… it just blows me away. I’ve been a fan of lego since….ever! I admit, the toys are expensive, but they are top quality and kids can use their imaginations building more things like i did. I would say, Lego is the best toy since the day it was made.

  8. allthingsawesome2 says:


  9. Pj Santiago says:

    …only the GIGANTIC sets. also it depends where u buy them

  10. thesega99 says:

    Either that or they’re reddit-dwellers who were expecting a stepping-on-lego-brick joke.

  11. Diego Concha says:

    If you enjoy watching Short Films, take a look at mine, it’s in my channel. Hope you like it

  12. TheSeagulls4Ever says:

    lego is too expensive man

  13. jedihunter58 says:

    The end is true. Lego bricks are far better quality than others.

  14. StarLego101 says:

    Who never knew this story!

  15. Luis Marqus says:

    Awesome story

  16. zichsan987 says:


  17. CobblGenerator says:


  18. STEFAN630FAWN says:

    thumbs up if you feel like going to buy lego cuz i do 

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