The Lone Gunmen Pilot – 9/11 Predictive Programming

The pilot episode for the FOX series “The Lone Gunmen” Which first aired on March 4, 2001. The plot envisioned the US Government hijacking a plane and crashing it into the World Trade Center.

23 thoughts on “The Lone Gunmen Pilot – 9/11 Predictive Programming

  1. Cont. did it..just like all these shootings poping up all over the place..nobody knows they are coming and the one’s who do never feel it was going to truly happen..but we suspect who is behind them..they are clever in their scemes

  2. yeah..ok what happen ? we can’t keep taking the cryingwolf bait each time..they depend on people making false prophetic conspiracies…cause then people start ignoring all warnings do to so many false predated conspiracy claims..We did’nt see 9/11 coming with all the warnings,nor Oklahoma Bombings,even though Mcvey shook the grounds in the Mohove desert testing his Bombs..and FBI was called into check this out and then a few months later Oklahoma happen..we probly won’t know whats next,only who

  3. How did NORAD know United 93 would be hijacked BEFORE it actually was? “we launched the aircraft out of Langley to put them over top of Washington, DC, not in response to American Airline 77, but really to put them in position in case United 93 were to head that way.” [9/11 Commission, 5/23/2003-Quote Gen Larry Arnold]. Problem? Langley launch order was given at 9:24 [911 report 6/17/04] BUT 93 wasn’t hijacked until AFTER 9:27 [911 report 1/27/04] Clear Proof of FOREKNOWLEDGE.Inside job.

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